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Editshare Admit ‘Communication Issues’ Over Lightworks Linux Alpha

Editshare, the company behind the professional video editor Lightworks, have admitted that the release of their Linux alpha could've gone better. The tool, which made its Linux debut yesterday, was widely expected to be available to all. But, despite previous announcements on the release not mentioning restrictions, the alpha release was only made available to a limited number of testers.

31 October 2012

Why Zeitgeist Is Not Evil

Privacy is the digital hot potato of today - and rightly so. What we do on our computers is, frankly, no-one else's business. We 'allow' some companies, such as Google and Facebook, to track what we do online so as to better serve us. And most of us don't mind. But is Zeitgeist - the 'relevancy engine' used in Ubuntu to keep track of which files and apps you use most - evil?

23 August 2012

Does Ubuntu Need A Separate ‘eBook & Magazine’ Store?

Does the growing number of eBooks, PDFs and magazines on sale in the Ubuntu Software Center annoy you? I've recently begun to ask myself that question, and based on recent comments from readers I am not alone in doing so.

19 August 2012

ACTA Rejected by European Parliament, Now All But Dead

ACTA - the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - was dealt a life-threatening blow by the elected representatives of European citizens today, as the European Parliament rejected the contentious treaty in a damning 478-to-39 vote.

4 July 2012

Firefox OS Powered Smartphones Launching Early Next Year

Mobile phones using Firefox OS will be available to buy early next year, Mozilla have today announced. Network carriers supporting the first batch of mobile phones in 2013 will include Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Telenor.

2 July 2012

Ubuntu 10.04 – 12.04 Upgrade – How Well Does it Go?

In the two-short years between Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 an entire groundswell has occurred on the Ubuntu desktop, and in the wider development landscape in general. So just well does a direct upgrade from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.04 go?

26 April 2012

10 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.04

So you've downloaded it, you've installed it, and now you're about to use it. But before you dive on in to explore, be sure to take some time out to follow our bi-annual rundown of the best post-install tips and tricks.

26 April 2012
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Why I’d Love To See Pokki Come to Ubuntu

The weekend just past I fell in love with a desktop application - for Windows. The object of my affections? Pokki.

11 April 2012
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Why Tabs Must Die

We’re all familiar with tabbed UIs. They’re far too common to miss. But, as it often happens, “common” doesn’t mean “good idea”. Let’s take a look at what tabs are, why they were created, how […]

6 April 2012
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Tell Us How You Pronounce Ubuntu

To answer the question in the image above we’re not asking how it should be said but, literally, how you say it. So don’t think about how you think it should be said, or how […]

20 March 2012
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Ubuntu Design: Micro, Macro

Ubuntu Precise, the pixel perfect release is in beta with release on the horizon. It's been two long years since Lucid and we are really seeing the evidence of that time being well spent. But just how well?

1 March 2012
No Netflix on Ubuntu

Netflix: No plans to Support Linux

Back in July of last year after wrapping up at OSCON I shared a bit of information that brought some hope to the Linux community. While at the event I got a chance to speak with two engineers from Netflix […]

11 February 2012