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papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Pack for Linux Gets Fresh Update

Papirus, the popular icon pack for Linux desktops, has a new update available to download. The latest release adds icons for a slew of Linux software, including a bunch of apps distributed on Flathub, as […]

1 November 2023

9 Spooky Halloween Desktop Wallpapers for Ubuntu

There’s a chill in the air – and not just because I left the kitchen window open. It’s Hallowe’en season! All Hallows’ Eve! Samhain! Commercialized creepiness! Whatever you call it, October is the only month […]

22 October 2023

How to Change Individual Folder Icons on Ubuntu

Here’s a tip for those of you who want to use a custom icon for a specific folder in Ubuntu. — And no, you don’t need to install a new icon set to do it. […]

3 October 2023

‘Dark Style’ GNOME Extension for Ubuntu 23.10

In Ubuntu 23.10 the default Yaru theme uses a light style for GNOME Shell elements — but there’s a new GNOME extension that lets you change this without affecting the rest of your desktop. Upstream […]

20 September 2023

Ubuntu 23.10 Mascot Art, Default Wallpaper Revealed

The default wallpaper set to greet those installing Ubuntu 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur’ next month has been unveiled. Ubuntu 23.10’s default wallpaper and mascot artwork draws heavily on the motifs afforded to it by its mythological […]

6 September 2023

Papirus Icon Pack Updated with New-Look LibreOffice Icons

A major update to the phenomenally popular Paprius icon set for Linux desktops is now available. Papirus’ September 2023 update adds a bunch of new and updated glyphs, including redesigned icons for LibreOffice that riff […]

3 September 2023

How to Change the Lock Screen Background in Ubuntu

Want to change the Ubuntu lock screen background shown in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS through to the latest release, Ubuntu 23.10? If so, I’m about to show you how. Here’s the deal: out-of-the-box (this is the […]

7 August 2023

Intel’s New Open Source Mono Font is Pretty Decent

Between IBM Plex Mono, Hack, Fira Code, and JetBrains Mono I think we Linux users are spoilt for choice when it comes to open-source monospace fonts that look good and work great. Still, there’s always […]

7 June 2023
papirus icon theme

New Icons, Symlink Fixes for Flathub Apps Added to Papirus Icon Set

I know that the Papirus icon pack is hugely popular so I figured I’d ferry word that a new version is available for download The June update is largely composed of symlinks to allow Flathub […]

1 June 2023

Want More Wallpapers in Ubuntu? Install GNOME Backgrounds

Wallpapers – you know I love ’em. Ubuntu 23.04 comes with a small selection of (largely lobster themed) wallpapers out of the box. The choice isn’t vast or varied so you may find yourself looking […]

4 May 2023

Ubuntu 23.04 Default Wallpaper Revealed

Ready for your first look at the new default wallpaper for Ubuntu 23.04? Course you are! And with a codename like the “Lunar Lobster” it’s only natural that the designers of the official Ubuntu 23.04 […]

15 March 2023
linux mint horizontal OSD extension

Get Horizontal OSD for Brightness & Volume Changes on Linux Mint

The 'Horizontal OSD' extension for Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop does what it says: it makes on-screen bubbles when changing volume/brightness, horizontal.

17 February 2023