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User Story #1: Global Menus

This is a story about Pete and John. Pete and John both love Unity, but there are a couple of features that they would like to tweak according to their needs...

6 December 2011

Dare To Be Different: Ubuntu’s Popularity Is Not Declining

Like a domino effect of mis-information, this week has been chock full of reports by tech news sites that Ubuntu's market share is declining, being surpassed by the Ubuntu spin-off and close cousin Linux Mint. But is there really any truth to the revelations? Read on to find out, but to save you a bit of time: no, there isn't.

27 November 2011
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The SOPA Act Continues To Get Dirtier

It might be an anagram of 'Soap' but America's proposed draconian 'Stop Online Piracy Act' (SOPA) just keeps getting murkier.

21 November 2011

Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day Kicks Off; We’d Like To Thank…

Today marks the first Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day - a new initiative designed to 'thank' people in the wider community whose work or inspiration has helped better Ubuntu.

20 November 2011

Tomorrow The Internet Will Begin to Die

Tomorrow sees one of the most pivotal pieces of internet legislation pass through the halls of power in Washington. The ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ (SOPA) bill, combined with PROTECT IP Act, seeks to give the […]

16 November 2011
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Linux power regression + overheating problem on ThinkPad [fixed?]

This blog post isn’t only directed to ThinkPad owners as most notebook Linux users with Intel Core Duo 1/2 and i3/i5/i7 processors have been affected by this bug if not all. And yes, this problem […]

12 November 2011
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The Ubuntu Mouse: Do You Own One?

Canonical sell an Ubuntu-branded optical mouse in their online store - and i've can't decide whether or not to get one. My need? I can't stand the trackpad on my netbook. At all. It's small, overly responsive in places and not enough in others.

4 November 2011
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Ubuntu’s 7th Birthday Today: Look Back At Where It All Began

How old do you think Ubuntu is? With 15 releases under its belt, and another on the way, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a lot older than it actually is! But exactly 7 years ago today Mark Shuttleworth and his team of 'warm-hearted Warthogs' announced the first release of Ubuntu.

20 October 2011

The Lure of the Community Approach

Since the announce of the fundraising for The Debian Administrator's Handbook, many people commented on the project's approach. Just because it's a free software related project, there should be only one way to do it... let me debunk those claims!

5 October 2011
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Give ‘Well Wishes’, Get a Free Copy Of Time Travel Strategy Game ‘Achron’

I am back on OMG! Ubuntu! and to celebrate it is time for another game giveaway This time I have for you a brand spanking new copy of the Indie Realtime Strategy game Achron where time is your play thing... yes that is right, meta-time gaming and it runs on your Linux desktop.

28 September 2011
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The New Ubuntu Software Centre Icon: Is It really That Bad?

The new Ubuntu Software Centre icon present in Ubuntu 11.10 seems to have few fans - but is it really that bad?

2 September 2011
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O Hai Engadget!

Hands up if you're an avid reader of technology blog Engadget? Me too. Turns out some of their staff are also avid readers of OMG!, as this photo from a recent article shows...

18 August 2011