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The Next Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Needs to Focus on Quality

A new Ubuntu LTS is on the way, and so too is a wallpaper contest to select backgrounds for it. But is it time Ubuntu took wallpapers more seriously?

25 January 2022
happy new year with linux mascot

Happy New Year, Folks — Let’s Fill it with Linux!

A saccharine post of colossally cloy sincerity expressed through the medium of words (when I can enter them in the right order), topped with appreciation.

1 January 2022
Firefox unimpressed emoji

I Hate to Say It, But Firefox: You’re Becoming Annoying

Firefox tells me about Mozilla VPN every time I open the browser. In this post I let off some steam about it, and detail how to disable it.

30 December 2021

A Few Design Questions… [Off Topic]

A 743 word opine on my inability to settle on a colour treatment for a part of the site most people scroll away from pretty quickly.

9 December 2021

I Made a Mistake, And This Post is a Public Apology

Oh boy, I made a mistake today. Quite a major one: I published an article subject to an embargo too early.

12 May 2021

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor: We’re Supposed to Look Like This

It's not your eyes, your monitor, or even Ubuntu: we DO look different today! In this post I talk about our latest revamp and why it matters to us and you!

26 April 2021
ubuntu logo being hoovered

Is it Just Me or is Ubuntu’s New Installer Icon a Bit …Odd?

Once you know that the icon above, right is for Ubiquity, the Ubuntu installer, it kinda works okay as a motif. I say ‘kinda’ because if I take my eyes off the icon for a […]

23 March 2020

Phew, Ubuntu’s New Light Theme Won’t Be Default After All

The Ubuntu 19.10 Yaru light theme switch has been reversed, with developers instead choosing to ship the theme preinstalled, but not as default.

29 September 2019
photo of ubuntu on a laptop

I Have a Dedicated Linux Laptop Again, But You Won’t Be Jealous…

I share my thoughts on the Lenovo V330-14ARR laptop, including battery life, screen quality, specs — oh, and how well Ubuntu 19.04 runs on it.

10 June 2019
apps on a shelf

Is Native Linux App Development In Decline?

Is Linux app development of in decline or switching to 'bespoke' Linux distros with stable foundations, like elementary OS and Deepin? And does this potential trend matter?

22 January 2018
ubuntu desktop regenerating

Ubuntu Is Not Dying, It’s Simply Regenerating

Seriously folks, the Ubuntu desktop is not dying. Like The Doctor in the BBC Sci-Fi series Doctor Who it's simply regenerating.

8 June 2017

Merry Christmas To All Our Readers

As I write this it’s still December 24. Thus, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s Christmas (and if you do: invest in a coffee maker, cos you really need to smell some!). Yup, tomorrow […]

24 December 2016