A week ago we asked you folks a question: ‘Have you upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 yet?’

You answered in your droves, with 8,700 of you telling us whether you had, hadn’t or weren’t going to via our online poll.

From the snapshot we looked at (the poll is still open so things may yet change) almost half of you said that you have upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10.

Although many of you will have been running the unstable releases before its release, the percentage is still an impressive one.

Other Choices

Of those who hadn’t upgrade at the time of voting, 17% said they intended to do it soon.

If we combine that intention with those who have already done so, an impressive 66% of you are either currently, or will soon be, running 12.10.

As Ubuntu 12.04 was an LTS backed up with 5 years of updates and support it’s no surprise to see 30% of voters say they’ll be sticking with it. A smart move for those keen on dependable performance and maximum stability. Not to mention a wise move for users of netbooks whose devices might not perform well with the new ‘unified Unity’.

Beyond that, 4% of you said that you’re using an older version of Ubuntu.

Not voted yet? We’ll be closing the poll next thursday (November 8th) so you still have time to let us know what you did!

Have You Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 Yet? [Poll]

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