Victoria University of Wellington

Kevin Carillo a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Information Management is producing a PhD Thesis Project that hopes to identify the experiences of newcomers to open source projects and the behaviors of established contributors.

Mr. Carillo is conducting a survey as a part of that project which he says is totally anonymous but will allow him to gain great insight into a variety of FLOSS projects.

You can take the survey by hitting the button below.

 New User Experience in FOSS Communities Survey

Carillo believes the final results may end up deposited in a academic journal but also says that the results will be release under a ‘share-alike’ Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

We encourage OMG! Ubuntu! readers who are also Ubuntu Contributors or contributors in one of the other projects he is targeting (Debian, GNOME, Gentoo, KDE, Mozilla, NetBSD, or OpenSUSE) to take part in this worthwhile project that will provide insight that might further open source in academia.

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