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Checking the diff

Understanding Version Control Systems, Part 1

Collaboration is probably the most difficult and time consuming task when working as a team. When you first heard the phrase "version control" you might have started thinking about code and progammers. The issue of collaboration is not only with programmers but also with other areas and profession namely with design, documentation etc. Version control as a tool has been immensely famous within programming circles, but its use is not limited just for source code.

22 April 2011
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Document Foundation 1, Oracle 0: OpenOffice discarded, left to the community

Oracle, the "owners" of OpenOffice, have announced the discontinuation of commercial development on the popular office suite. OpenOffice will be continued as a community project. The question is: does anyone still care?

19 April 2011
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Call for DebConf11 attendance

After last years Debian Developer conference in NYC (DebConf10) this years conference, DebConf11 will be held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 24th to 30th July. Of course besides developers, among the attendees you'll be able to see many well known faces from Open Source/Linux world, as well as representatives from some of the leading companies from this sector.

14 April 2011
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Banshee sucketh the big one, or how to correctly file a bug and stop worrying

There are bugs in Banshee, as I write this, 815 known or suspected bugs to be specific. Likely there are many more... and you, the user, is thus at risk of hitting one. Here is what to remember when experiencing a Banshee problem.

7 April 2011
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So I deleted Windows – but why did I have it in the first place?

I deleted my Windows partition yesterday after asking myself one question: what the hell do I use it for?

30 March 2011
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Indicator-Weather: "Is it just me or…"

Panagiotis Skintzos has begun on a Vala port of Indicator-Weather. Whilst there are many great ideas in the new design layout there is one aspect that bugs me...

28 March 2011

Volley Brawl – more details, price and yes (another) video!

It's about time we came clean with you all. Those videos, these mysterious characters appearing in the side bar every day for the last few days (currently, Pedobear is hanging out there, watching you), they've all been a bit random. So here's the truth. We're releasing a game. A cool game. A game only for Ubuntu, only for the Software Center. And it's cheap.

28 March 2011
Putting a curve on Workspaces.

Unity personalization: how much can you really do?

In such a short time of development, improvements in speed, aesthetics, usability and more have come to life in the Compiz version of Unity. But what about customization?

25 March 2011
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Has the new Ubuntu One Control Panel raised the stakes in app appearances?

Has Natty's new-look Ubuntu One Control Panel raised the standard of how applications should look on the Ubuntu desktop? Reader Romeo Calota thinks so. He stopped by our inbox to share his 2¢ and some mock-ups on just how things could look that smidge nicer...

21 March 2011
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Ubuntu Manual Project calling for Project Leader, Editor-in-Chief

Over a year ago I founded the Ubuntu Manual Project, an open source Ubuntu project aimed at creating a comprehensive beginner's manual for each Ubuntu release. I led the team for around 10 months, before I had to step down as Team Lead due to other commitments (namely University, and also Ohso - the company that runs OMG! Ubuntu! etc). The team went through a bit of a lull, with a lack of contributors, no leader and little motivation to continue this awesome project - which was a complete shame. Luckily though, they've re-grouped and are now working on building a new website (which I designed way back in June last year), as well as head-hunting for two suitable people to act as Project Leader and Editor-in-Chief.

21 March 2011
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Debian CUT, a new rolling release?

What is Debian CUT and why should you care? Let's take a look...

17 March 2011
Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

What’s wrong with Unity & how we can fix it

Unity is Ubuntu's innovative new user interface, designed to catapult Ubuntu into the revolution of contextual search, launchers and social integration. The unique design provides an enticing alternative to the likes of Windows and OS X. But could Unity be better?

17 March 2011