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Should I Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04?

This time tomorrow hundreds of thousands of Ubuntu users across the world will be asking themselves the same question: 'Should I upgrade to 13.04 or not?'

24 April 2013

Introducing the Best Way to Read OMG! Ubuntu! on the Go

Being Linux users, we're fans of choice. And one of the choices that we think our readers deserve is a way to read our posts whilst on the move...

19 February 2013

Motivation, Community and the Cost of Disagreeing

A vast portion of the people in the open source community are folks who volunteer their time, effort & ideas, freely and without hesitation. Why?

17 February 2013

Honey, We’re Home

If you're one of our regular readers you may have been wondering where the Dapper Drake we've been for the last few weeks. Well here's where, and why it's actually turned out for the best.

21 January 2013
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Adobe Are Not Giving Photoshop Away Afterall…

Earlier today we brought word that Adobe's CS2 suite of apps were, rather suddenly, free to download and install. It now transpires that we were misinformed. Adobe employee Dov Isaacs took to the Adobe forum earlier this evening to say that Adobe are 'absolutely not' giving away free copies of Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2 or any other part of the Adobe Creative Suite - CS2 or otherwise.

7 January 2013
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Ubuntu 2012 in Pictures: July – December

In this second part of our Ubuntu 2012 in pictures we look at the notable news items from the latter half of the year.

30 December 2012
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Ubuntu 2012 in Pictures: Jan – June

What a year 2012 has been for Ubuntu! Let’s look back at some of the more memorable moments of the year.

29 December 2012
Victoria University of Wellington

Scholarly Open Source Research

Kevin Carillo a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Information Management is producing a PhD Thesis Project that hopes to identify the experiences of newcomers to open source projects and the behaviors of established contributors.

9 November 2012

Almost Half Of Users Have Already Upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10

Almost 50% of OMG! Ubuntu! readers have already upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10 - are you one of them?

2 November 2012
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Ubuntu on the Mongol Steppe – Carving Paths into Emerging Markets

While the Western world flounders in its debt crises and stagnating growth, much of the developing world is telling a different story. Journalist Terrence Edwards explains more in this exclusive guest post for OMG! Ubuntu!

1 November 2012

Editshare Admit ‘Communication Issues’ Over Lightworks Linux Alpha

Editshare, the company behind the professional video editor Lightworks, have admitted that the release of their Linux alpha could've gone better. The tool, which made its Linux debut yesterday, was widely expected to be available to all. But, despite previous announcements on the release not mentioning restrictions, the alpha release was only made available to a limited number of testers.

31 October 2012

Why Zeitgeist Is Not Evil

Privacy is the digital hot potato of today - and rightly so. What we do on our computers is, frankly, no-one else's business. We 'allow' some companies, such as Google and Facebook, to track what we do online so as to better serve us. And most of us don't mind. But is Zeitgeist - the 'relevancy engine' used in Ubuntu to keep track of which files and apps you use most - evil?

23 August 2012