What a year 2012 has been for Ubuntu!

We’ve seen a Long Term Support release released with more Long Term Support than ever before; the Quantal Quetzal took flight, only to find itself dodging debris from a privacy fall out; and as for OMG! Ubuntu!… Well, the site has been up and down more often than… we’ll, I’ll let you make that metaphor!

So let’s look back at some of the more memorable moments of the year

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Ubuntu TV was unveiled at January’s CES event
Canonical Unveiled Their ‘Innovative’ New Menu Feature – The HUD


Ubuntu for Android was Announced to the World in Feb
We collectively drooled over an Ubuntu Mini PC Concept
But Collectively Didn’t Drool over the new Qt-based Ubuntu One Client
A new ‘Video Lens’ arrive in the Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha


Ubuntu 12.04 Pushed Out Two Betas…
…of which Unity 5.8, with all its new bells and whistles, featured.


Ubuntu 12.04 Saw Its Stable Release…
…And Ubuntu 10.10 Was Retired
Kubuntu Gained a New Partner, After Canonical Dropped Funding For It


Gamers Rejoiced as the Humble Indie Bundle teamed up with Canonical to provide games via the Ubuntu Software Center
Electronic Arts Delivered a Keynote at the Ubuntu Developer Summit


ASUS Quietly Popped Out some New Ubuntu 12.04-Toting Netbooks – A positive sign towards Canonical’s plan for 5% of All PC Sales in 2013. As did…
Dell’s decision to sell Ubuntu devices into India


Editorial List best of 2012