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When sending in a tip there are a few things you can do help us help you help others:

1. Include a link (if required) — there is nothing worse than reading an awesome tip only to find no link to a project page, download or contact.

If you’re tipping us about an awesome thing™ you saw on a different blog or news site please include a link to it.

If you’re the developer, designer or main point of contact for awesome thing™ don’t be shy. We may have further questions for you.

2. Let us know how you would like to be credited if we use your tip, e.g., ‘Stu Smith’, ‘PokéStu88’, etc. You can also say that you do not want to credited (not everyone wants ‘How to install awesome thing’ to come up when people Google their name).

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Note that whilst we really do appreciate every tip we don’t have enough time to respond to every tip sent in.

We also can’t guarantee we’ll cover every item sent in, and do not offer technical support via email so if, for example, your mouse has gone cray-cray in Ubuntu, head over to the Ubuntu Forums or Ask Ubuntu!