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PSA: We’re On Holiday For a Few Days

Think of this note as a scribbled note stuck to the communal notice board with a half-chewed stick of gum.

20 May 2016

Do You Remember Unity Web Integration?

Am I the only person who misses Unity web apps? The feature debuted in the Ubuntu 12.10 release and was, in my opinion, far ahead of its time. In a single broad stroke Ubuntu 12.10 took the web from being something confined to a browser window […]

13 May 2016

It Shouldn’t Surprise Me — And Yet It ALWAYS Does

Ubuntu has been around for ten years, and yet the world's most popular desktop Linux distribution still finds a way to surprise me.

2 April 2016

Happy 11th Birthday, Ubuntu!

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the first ever release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog.

20 October 2015

Jolla Tablet Crowdfunder Adds 3 Stretch Goals, Including Splitscreen, 3G

Jaw-dropping. Hugely successful. Record breaking. All terms that describe Jolla's recent crowdfunding campaign, and now it's getting even better.

28 November 2014

Arch: Shangri-La for Ubuntu Power Users?

Ubuntu 14.04 is here and many of you will opt to wipe and reinstall Ubuntu for that fresh, new LTS smell. But I'm here to say: not so fast!

19 April 2014

Why a Guerrilla Launch of Ubuntu Phone Makes Sense for Canonical

We've repeatedly heard that ‘big brand’ smartphone manufacturers are serious about shipping Ubuntu on smartphones. But why go with smaller players in the heated mobile space?

25 March 2014

Merry Xmas To All Our Readers

With Xmas now upon us I wanted to take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy Xmas*.

24 December 2013

The Biggest Ubuntu News Stories of 2013 – Part One

Christmas time means two things: One, I have to reach for the big box of tree decorations on top my wardrobe, and two, I have to reach for the big box of cliches on top […]

16 December 2013

$32 Million Or Not: 5 Reasons Why Ubuntu Edge Is Already A Success

If the Ubuntu Edge fails to meet its $32m goal will it have really failed? Here are 5 compelling successes the project can be proud of making.

16 August 2013

Do One Thing & Do It Well: Ubuntu Needs More Purposeful Apps

Memes. I love 'em. But relaying my emotional state through a serious of un-witty images should be easier on Ubuntu.

14 August 2013

One Week In And Ubuntu Edge Has Already Made History

After just one week Canonical's campaign to fund a high-end smartphone - the Ubuntu Edge - has already smashed records & wowed enthusiasts.

29 July 2013