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see webp in image viewer on ubuntu

How to Add WebP Support to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It's easy to enable WebP support in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS so you can see image thumbnails in the file manager and open WebP images in the default image viewer.

24 hours ago

Check Out Ubuntu’s Slick New Promotional Video

Ubuntu has released a new promotional video to celebrate the arrival of the Ubuntu 22.04 point release — and trust me: you won't want to miss it.

Ubuntu 22.04 jammy jellyfish point release

First Point Release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is Available to Download

The first Ubuntu 22.04 LTS point release is now available for download, opening the gates for LTS to LTS upgrades This point release combines all the bug fixes, app updates, and security patches released to date […]

nautilus icon against an LED screen

7 Big Changes Coming to Nautilus in GNOME 43

I run through 7 major changes to the Nautilus file manager in GNOME 43. From adaptive sidebar and new sorting options to deeper integration with Disks app.


Registration for the (All New) Ubuntu Summit Opens Sept 1, 2022

From September 1 you can register to attend the Ubuntu Summit, which takes place in Prague, Czech Republic this November. Read on for details on the summit.

papirus icon theme

Papirus Icon Theme’s August Update Adds 45+ New Icons

Paprius icon gets a summer refresh adding more than 45 new app icons to the popular icon pack, plus redesigned icons. Find more details inside this post.

a screenshot of the metadata cleaner app for Linux

A Wild Metadata Cleaner for Linux Appeared!

We look at a Linux app that can remove metadata from files and EXIF data from photos. The app is free, open source software made with GTK and Python.

5 August 2022
ubuntu-news banner

Ubuntu 22.04.1 Point Release Delayed Until Aug 11

The first point release in the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS series will arrive a week later than originally planned, due to issue affecting the OEM install option.

4 August 2022
square window corners and rounded window corners with an arrow

Give More Apps Rounded Corners with this GNOME Shell Extension

This new extension for GNOME Shell makes it easy to add rounded bottom window corners to GTK3, Electron, Qt, and other desktop Linux apps, which is cute!

2 August 2022

Updated: This GNOME Extension Brings ‘Material You’ to Linux Desktops

Material You on Android is a very popular personalisation trick, and now an enterprising developer brings it to Linux desktops via a new GNOME extension.

1 August 2022
linux kernel 5.19 released

Linux Kernel 5.19 Released with Major Networking Tweaks + More

We run through the biggest changes in Linux kernel 5.19. The latest version includes a stack of networking improvement, hardware enablement, and more.

31 July 2022

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