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ubuntu 19.04 disco dingo release

Must Read: Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ Released with New Features

The Ubuntu 19.04 release is now available to download. In this post we look at Ubuntu 19.04's new features and key changes.


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the "ataribox" Atari VCS console runs Linux

Ataris VCS Delayed Until December (If Anyone Even Cares At This Point)

Shipment of the Ataris VCS Linux games console has been put back to December 2019 at the earliest, despite an original release date of July 2019.

12 mins ago
SueprTuxKart Logo

SuperTuxKart 1.0 Released with Online Play, New Tracks, Improved Karts

SuperTuxKart online play is now available to all, with the new version of the famed open-source racing game including networked multiplayer action.

the kdenlive video editor

Kdenlive 19.04 Released with Major Changes

Kdenlive 19.04 features a refactored codebase and improved stability. Learn about more Kdenlive 19.04 changes, and where to download it for Ubuntu.

ubuntu news thumbnail

First Half of Ubuntu 19.10 Codename Revealed, And Boy It’s Obscure…

The first part of the Ubuntu 19.10 codename is "Eoan", a word related to dawn and the east. We speculate on the rest of the codename for Ubuntu 19.10.

things to do after installing Ubuntu 19.04 disco dingo

Essential Guide: 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 19.04

A list of things to do after installing Ubuntu 19.04 to help you get more from the latest Ubuntu release. Discover neat tools, top tips & useful tweaks.


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