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We also cover items of interest that happen within the wider technology sector from the context of Ubuntu, relaying what those changes may mean for the OS, the community and our readers.

  • We give readers timely news on the latest Ubuntu developments
  • We help readers understand changes affecting Ubuntu
  • We show readers how to do more with their Ubuntu desktop

This blog has been running since 2009. Over the years we have seen mammoth shifts in technology, an Ubuntu is no exception.

Android and iPhone were barely formed (much less shipping) when we started out; “cloud computing” was a buzz word; and Ubuntu was, for the most part, a simple desktop and server operating system.

Today? Ubuntu is available on everything; cloud computing is intrinsic to technological development; and Ubuntu Core helping lead the charge in the Internet of Things.

We’ve been blogging about Ubuntu since 2009.

Our Readers Rule

Our readers have a passion for Ubuntu, for open-source software, and for being at the cutting edge of technology. They aren’t passive spectators but play active roles in the shifting trends of digital sociology.

They are students, they are gamers, they are developers, and they are regular home users wanting to learn more.

To feed their appetites for “what’s next” we bring them timely news articles, useful guides, tips and tutorials, and plenty more besides.

And yes, that often includes cats!

We don’t just cover the latest software releases or track the main Ubuntu news. We dig deeper. We take the technical and make it digestible. If we choose to write about something it’s because we know our readers will want to hear about it.

Even at the best of times the world of Ubuntu, Linux and open-source technology can be confusing or difficult to understand.

But not on OMG! Ubuntu!