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KDE Plasma Mobile — The Linux Phone You’ve Been Waiting For?

While Ubuntu Phone continues to stew, bereft of new devices and little developer interest, other efforts to create a fully-fledged Linux* smartphone are picking up pace. Chief among them is KDE Plasma Mobile. KDE itself needs little introduction. […]

6 November 2016

How to Install Open Store on Ubuntu Phone

This weekend saw unofficial WhatsApp support arrive on the Ubuntu Phone, with the arrival of messaging app Loqui IM.

30 October 2016
uwriter on ubuntu phone

uWriter is a Basic Word Processor for Ubuntu Phone

If you own an Ubuntu Phone or Tablet and miss having access to a basic offline word processor, you'll want to check out uWriter.

30 October 2016
instagraph hero

Instagraph Adds Photo Filters and Image Editing Tools

Filters, cropping and direct messaging are among the latest improvement arriving in an update to Instagraph, the unofficial third-party Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. Instagraph 0.0.3 adds much-missed image manipulation tools. You can now crop photos, make […]

2 October 2016

[How To] Build an Ubuntu Controlled Sous-Vide Cooker

I’ll be honest with you from the off: I had zero idea what sous-vide cooking was before I started writing this post. Wikipedia dutifully informs me that’s Sous-Vide is a style of cooking that involves a vacuum, […]

29 September 2016
A question mark in a circle

Got 5 Minutes? Ubuntu Wants Your Opinion On Something…

Got a spare five minutes? You can help the Canonical design out by filling in a questionnaire. The team is looking to “gather information about how people perceive colours and use Scopes.” The short questionnaire […]

21 September 2016

5 Best New Features in Ubuntu Touch OTA-13

See what's new in Ubuntu OTA-13, the latest update to the Ubuntu touch operating system for phones and tablets.

19 September 2016
zte logo and slogan

ZTE ‘Seriously Considered Ubuntu’ for New Crowd-Sourced Phone

ZTE will announce round-one winners of its crowd-sourced smartphone contest tomorrow but, despite getting the most votes, Ubuntu won't be selected.

12 September 2016

Ubuntu Phone Now Has a Nifty, Native Photo Editing App

Ubuntu Phone finally has a photo editing app. Although early alpha quality, Instant FX for Ubuntu is already looking like an impressive app. And with so few native Ubuntu apps around, each one is truly appreciated. Now, […]

7 September 2016
instagraph hero

Instagraph Update Adds Direct Messages, Pull-to-Refresh Support, Plus More

A big update to the unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch just hit the Ubuntu Store.

21 August 2016

ZTE Says Buyers Don’t Want Non-Android Devices

A lot can happen in 24 hours. National sporting teams can go from also-rans to gold medal winners; teen idols can nark off their entire fanbase; and optimistic crowd-sourced ideas can get flat-out rejected. That’s what’s […]

16 August 2016
zte logo and slogan

Ubuntu Fan Launches Bid To Get ZTE to Make an Ubuntu Phone (Updated)

An Ubuntu Phone fan is attempting to get ZTE to make an Ubuntu-powered device, using the smartphone maker's new crowdsourced ideas platform.

15 August 2016