uwrtierIf you own an Ubuntu Phone or Tablet and miss having access to a basic offline word processor, you’ll want to check out uWriter.

Whether you want to quickly write a few more paragraphs for your dissertation or school essay while your synapses are in gear, make a simple shopping list, or yammer out an entire blog post complete with inline images and text formatting, uWriter could be the tool for the job.

It offers basic text formatting options, including bold, italic, underline, lists, alignments and in-line placement of images.

uWriter developer Marcos Costales says his app lets you: “use your Ubuntu phone as a PC! I would recommend you to use a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse for a full PC experience.”

Documents are saved in ~/.local/share/uwp.costales/*.html as regular HTML files, and you can copy and paste text from the app to another app or website.

The app is powered by TinyMCE.

uWriter is a free app, and is available to install through the Ubuntu Store:

uWriter on UAppExplorer

Ubuntu Phone texteditor uwriter