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Filters, cropping and direct messaging are among the latest improvement arriving in an update to Instagraph, the unofficial third-party Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch.

Instagraph 0.0.3 adds much-missed image manipulation tools. You can now crop photos, make various edits to them (e.g., adjust brightness, enhance saturation, focus blur, etc) and apply Instagram-esque photo filters with a single tap.

This update also lets you reply to direct messages (though this is still buggy), open external URLs in the default browser, and perform location search.
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Orientation issues with the built-in camera app have been resolved, and you can now re-edit captions on images after uploading them, which is handy if you forgot a #few important #hashtags #andthings.

Other changes let you view tagged photos, add a location to uploaded media, and check out the following and followers list of other users.

Instagraph 0.0.3 brings this unofficial app more in line with the official one available on other platforms. But although the feature sited maturing you won’t fail to notice touch edges and missing features, so do keep in mind that this application is of alpha quality. 

The latest version of the app is still considered alpha quality and adds the following new features:

  • Photo crop tool
  • Image filters
  • Image editing tools
  • Reply to direct messages
  • Open external links
  • Location Search
  • Location feed page
  • View other users’ follow lists
  • Edit pre-uploaded Media
  • View user tagged photos
  • Add location to images
  • Camera orientation bug fixed
  • Camera captured photo size bug fixed

Install Instagraph on Ubuntu Phone

Instagraph (alpha) is a free download available from the Ubuntu Store. Head to the Ubuntu Store Scope on your device and search for ‘Instagraph’, or click the following button.

Instagraph on UAppExplorer

donate version is also available for $2.99/£1.99/€2.49 if you wish to support development of the app. 

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