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Ubuntu Phone Instagram App Now Available To Install

Instagraph is an unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch. The app is free, and supports photo uploads, commenting, liking and more.

3 August 2016

Well That Only Took Forever: Ubuntu Phone To Finally Add iCal, CalDav Support

It’s been at the top of many an early Ubuntu Phone users’ wishlist — and now it’s finally happening. Yes, the native Ubuntu calendar app is to add support for the leading open standards for exchanging […]

2 August 2016

Are You Satisfied With Your Ubuntu Phone? (Poll)

Ubuntu OTA 12 will have completed its phased roll out by the time you read this, and feedback to the changes it brings will no doubt have begun to roll in. Now that we’re almost 18 months on from the launch […]

30 July 2016
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Instagraph Is An Unofficial Instagram App for Ubuntu Phone

An all-new, native Instagram app is coming to Ubuntu Phone. Say hello to Instagraph.

29 July 2016

Ubuntu OTA 12, Latest Update to Ubuntu Phone, Rolling Out Now

Ubuntu OTA-12, the latest update for Ubuntu Phone and Tablet, has begun roll out. We show you what's new.

27 July 2016
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Ubuntu Fairphone 2 Port Is Coming Along Nicely

The community port of Ubuntu Touch for the Fairphone 2 handset is progressing nicely.

10 July 2016

Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Phone Features 10-Core Processor, Costs €399

Following rumours earlier in the week we now have firm proof that the next Ubuntu phone is the Meizu MX6.

30 June 2016

Do These Photos Show a New Ubuntu Phone? (Updated)

We've been passed a photo that purports to show the 'mystery' new Ubuntu Phone we reported on yesterday.

27 June 2016

A New Ubuntu Phone Is In Development

Midori is the name of a nimble WebKit-based web browser — but might it also be the codename for a new Ubuntu Phone?

26 June 2016

Facebook Just Made It MUCH Harder to Chat on Ubuntu Phone

If you use an Ubuntu Phone: it just got a bit harder to keep in touch with your Facebook buddies.

15 June 2016
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Ubuntu Phone Band-aids Are Bitesize Bugs That YOU Can Help Fix

Don't worry; Canonical isn't branching out to launch a range of adhesive bandages for cracked screens.

14 June 2016

Canonical Respond to Web Browser App Icon Brouhaha

The design team as Canonical has responded to concerns raised in the community about the design of the Ubuntu Web Browser icon.

9 June 2016