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fairphone running android

Fairphone Fans Show Strong Interest in Ubuntu Phone Port

Would a working Ubuntu Phone port for the Fairphone 2 make you more likely to buy one?

28 February 2016

‘Frustratingly Slow’ — Read The Verge’s Verdict on the New Ubuntu Phone

The world's most powerful Ubuntu smartphone isn't impressing everyone…

24 February 2016

The Best Ubuntu Phone Rant You’ll Read All Month

Should Ubuntu Phone run Android apps? Sharp intake of breath required: it's a question barbed in contention and immune to indifference.

23 February 2016
the meizu pro 5 ubuntu edition

Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Phone Priced $370, Goes on Sale in ‘Mid-March’

The Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition smartphone will go on sale in the middle of March.

22 February 2016

Sony Xperia Z1, OnePlus One Can Now Run Ubuntu Phone

Canonical say community Ubuntu Phone ports for the Sony Xperia Z1 and OnePlus One handsets will be 'showcased' at its booth at Mobile World Congress next week.

19 February 2016

Ubuntu Phone to Add Fingerprint Unlocking

Ubuntu is to work on adding support for a new fingerprint authentication API in mobile builds The feature would allow future Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition owners to unlock their devices using their finger print, and […]

19 February 2016
Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition Hero

Say Hello To The Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition Smartphone

Canonical will be show off its flagship Ubuntu smartphone at Mobile World Congress. Here's everything you should know about the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition.

17 February 2016

Ubuntu Phone To Gain Biometric Security Features

Ubuntu Phones running secure biometric identity tools will be demoed at next week's Mobile World Congress.

15 February 2016
Last year's MWC teaser

Meizu Tease New Ubuntu Phone Ahead of MWC 2016

Meizu is teasing an Ubuntu announcement at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off a week today.

14 February 2016

‘Android OEMs Will Ship Ubuntu Phones This Year’, Say Canonical

Several Android phone makers will release Ubuntu phones this year, Canonical's CEO has revealed.

10 February 2016
fairphone running android

This Is The Fairphone 2 Running Ubuntu

Ubuports' Marius Gripsgård has shared a photograph (right) of Ubuntu running on his Fairphone 2, a port expected to make an appearance at MWC 2016.

9 February 2016

Canonical To Demo OnePlus & Sony Devices Running Ubuntu

Phones from Sony, OnePlus and Fairphone will be demonstrated running Ubuntu (Touch) later this month, we can reveal.

5 February 2016