A big update to the unofficial Instagram app for Ubuntu Touch just hit the Ubuntu Store.

Instagraph 0.2 brings some sorely needed bug fixes to bear, with focus squarely set on making the core Instagram experience as robust and rock-solid as possible.

With the update, you’re now able to read your direct messages, change your password, and block (or unblock) accounts. 

Pull-to-refresh support has been added to all the views you’d expect to find it. You’re now never more than a quick pull away from seeing the latest photo uploads, comments or follower instagraph icon

Those of you with private accounts will be pleased to hear that you can now approve or reject follow requests, while those of you who want to make your account private can now do so using the ‘Private Account’ toggle present in the (new) settings page. 

Other changes let you delete your own comments, delete your uploads, and, when needed, log out of Instagram.

Instagraph 0.2 looks, feels and behaves more like the Instagram experience you’d find in the social network’s official apps.

New features n’ fixes:

  • Direct Message Inbox
  • New login screen
  • Delete your own uploads
  • Profile editing*
  • Delete your own comments (swipe right)
  • Support for un/blocking profiles
  • Pull-to-refresh support
  • Follow requests for private accounts
  • Profile visibility setting
  • Change password setting
  • Logout option
  • View ‘likes’ list
  • Sign-up wizard
  • New application icon

Remember This is Still an Alpha

You can’t watch Instagram videos (yet)

Although Instagraph 0.2 is a big improvement over the first version it’s not picture perfect. You should bear in mind that the app is alpha, and that many key features remain missing or broken.

For one, the ‘download’ button you see in the toolstrip beneath all images doesn’t do anything; while you can edit your profile bio you can’t (currently) save the edits you make; and uploads from the Ubuntu Gallery app fail.

You also can’t change your profile picture, and video playback remains a work in progress.

The app, as mentioned previously, lacks any sort of photo editing options — so no, you can’t apply a flattering filter to that double-chin selfie!

Despite the rough edges, Instagraph is one of the most impressive native applications currently available for Ubuntu Touch.

With no plans to support Android apps, and big-name services like Instagram unlikely to chase a user base of approximately 50,000, it’s up to the open-source community to fill as much of the feature & services gap as possible.

And Instagram is a knockout attempt at doing just that.

Getting Instagraph for Ubuntu

This app is in alpha. It may have missing features, limited functionality and stability issues.

Instagraph (alpha) is a free download available from the Ubuntu Store.

Head to the Ubuntu Store Scope on your device and search for ‘Instagraph’, or click the following button.

Instagraph on UAppExplorer

A donate version is also available for $2.99/£1.99/€2.49 should you wish to support the continued development of the app. 

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