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ubuntu phone is truly dead

Security Updates for Ubuntu Phone to End in June

Security updates for Ubuntu phone and tablet will end this June, Canonical has confirmed. Current OTA updates are currently limited to critical fixes and security updates — a decision we were first to tell you back in January. But […]

24 April 2017
ubuntu phone update tile

Ubuntu OTA-15 Is Now Rolling Out to Ubuntu Phones, Tablets

Ubuntu OTA 15 has been released, and is being rolled out to all supported Ubuntu Touch devices. As we previously reported, Ubuntu OTA-15 is primarily bug fix and security update, and addresses issues with loading […]

7 February 2017
dekko on ubuntu phone

The Old Dekko App Will Get ‘No Further Updates’

The current Dekko email app for Ubuntu phone is no longer supported, and no further updates will be released. Work is to continue on a Snap-based version.

27 January 2017

The Ubuntu Web Browser App Is Getting a New Icon

The Ubuntu web-browser app is getting a brand new icon after community members said the existing icon looked too similar to the Safari web browser.

25 January 2017
ubuntu phone apps

Ubuntu OTA-15 Will Let Ubuntu Touch Users Access HTTPS Sites Again

Canonical is working on OTA-15 for Ubuntu Phone and tablet — but it won’t contain new features.

23 January 2017
ubuntu phone apps

This Dev Is Working on a Way to Run Android Apps on Ubuntu Phone

Ubports developer Marius Grispgård has revealed that he's working on a way to run Android apps on Ubuntu Phone using Sfdroid.

19 January 2017
fairphone running android

The Fairphone 2 Running Ubuntu Will Be On Show at MWC17

Mobile World Congress 2017 kicks off in late February, and Canonical is, once again, going to be in attendance. But although there are unlikely to be any shiny new Ubuntu phones and tablets to show off, Ubuntu […]

18 January 2017

The Case for Ubuntu Phone: Flexibility for Mobile Networks

Canonical engineer Ted Gould has put the case for Ubuntu Phone, arguing that mobile carriers will appreciate the 'flexibility' to bundle apps and services.

15 January 2017

Ubuntu Phone on Pause? No New Devices, No Major Updates Planned (Updated)

No new Ubuntu phones are in the pipeline, and existing devices won't get major new updates. Is Ubuntu Phone dead? The answer is a little complicated…

5 January 2017
blue yeti microphone ubuntu

Ubuntu Podcast App Podbird Celebrates Birthday With New Release

Ubuntu podcast app Podbird has marked its 2nd birthday with an all-new release, adding support for queuing, artwork refresh and download manager integration.

3 January 2017
the indicator in action

Indicator Weather Gives You ‘At-a-Glance’ Temp on Ubuntu Phone

This is going to be a super brief post — briefer than a British summer, in fact. Most us are familiar with weather indicators for the Linux desktop. Heck, i’d be surprised if you weren’t […]

12 December 2016

Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 Released, This Is What’s New

Ubuntu OTA-14, the latest over the air update to Ubuntu phone and tablet, has begun to roll out to supported devices.

7 December 2016