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3 Welcome Features In Ubuntu Phone OTA-9

As Ubuntu Phone OTA-9 begins its roll out, we look at the top new features it brings and highlight why Meizu MX4 owners will want to upgrade ASAP.

27 January 2016
German Spiegel Review

Here’s How You Can Help Improve Ubuntu Phone

Got an Ubuntu Phone? Want to help make it awesome? Well, now you can - and it doesn't involve USB cables or scary terminal commands!

1 October 2015
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Do You Plan To Buy An Ubuntu Phone?

We want to know if you plan to buy an Ubuntu Phone.

8 September 2015

Ubuntu Phone Is Now Available To Buy In India

Online retail giant Snapdeal the first major international retailer to stock the Ubuntu Phone, and offers the two Bq devices to India's enthusiastic tech crowd.

7 September 2015

The Ubuntu Phone Team Lead Has Quit Canonical

Cristian Parrino, team lead for the Ubuntu Phone project within Canonical, has announced that he has left the company. What he does next may save the planet.

2 September 2015

Why It Will Be 2016 Before Mobile Carriers Sell Ubuntu Phones

Three different Ubuntu Phones are now available to buy online — but none are available through network carriers or sold in retail stores. Why? Well, read on…

26 June 2015

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Finally Goes on Sale — But There’s a Catch

We're pleased to be able to reveal that the long-awaited Meizu MX4 Ubuntu phone will go on sale this Thursday, June 25.

23 June 2015

Should Ubuntu Phone Ditch Debian for Android?

Former Canonical employee Jono Bacon has suggested that Ubuntu Phone should ditch Debian for Android — but do you agree?

19 June 2015

Unity 8 Shell Rotation Finally Coming to Ubuntu Phone

Working shell rotation is finally on its way to Unity 8 for Ubuntu Phones and Tablets.

15 June 2015

Why Siri in iOS 9 Validates the Design of Ubuntu Phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Apple's introduction of Siri Suggestions is more than flattering — it's a sign Canonical is ahead of the curve.

9 June 2015

Brand New Ubuntu Phone Goes on Sale Priced at €199

The Bq Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Phone is available to buy in Europe. It features a 5-inch IPS screen, nippy quad-core Mediatek CPU and 16GB storage.

9 June 2015

First Ubuntu Phone with ‘Convergence’ Is Being Made by Bq

The first Ubuntu Phone that will be capable of turning into a desktop PC will be made by Bq. A tentative launch date of October 2015 has been set for the convergence device, though this is likely […]

1 June 2015