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Multi-touch comes to Ubuntu 10.10

Canonical have just announced the release of uTouch 1.0 – a new multi-touch and gesture ‘stack’ to ship with Ubuntu 10.10 From the official press release: – “Our multi-touch team has worked closely with the […]

16 August 2010
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Ubuntu have “no plans to fork GNOME”

Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon, in an interview with Austrian newsite, has reiterated that a fork of GNOME is not on the cards. Asked whether Ubuntu’s continuing additions, removals and tweaks to the stock GNOME environment could […]

9 August 2010
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Ubuntu stack exchange now in public beta – great resource for getting answers

A new Ubuntu-orientated help platmform based on StackOverflow is now in public beta. “Stack… what?” Wikipedia sums it up neatly: – “Stack Overflow is a website featuring questions and answers on a wide range of […]

4 August 2010
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Help create Ubuntu’s new sound theme

Michael Forrest has posted details of an exciting new contest for Ubuntu users to take part in. Building upon the enormous success that the bi-annual wallpaper submission competition has garnered, attention has now turned to […]

2 August 2010
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GNOME Census is out, reveals Canonical commit 16x less than Red Hat, shit hits the fan

Dave Neary has posted the results of the GNOME census which has been looking at contributions to GNOME, who develops what, where it's coming from and who's been doing it over the last two years. The report has revealed that most of the upstream commits to GNOME are from people in their spare time with over 70% of respondents listing themselves as volunteers.

30 July 2010

New Ubuntu Stickers Go On Sale, Perfect for Covering Netbooks

Notebook and netbook users the world over can now flash their OS cred to the world with some ace new Ubuntu stickers added to the Ubuntu Store. Two different packs are available – 3 sheets […]

29 July 2010
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Ubuntu aiding the animators of tomorrow

Last week saw the 18th annual ‘Anima Mundi’ festival take place in Rio de Janeiro, South America. In amongst some of the worlds most talented animators, artists and filmmakers residing something a little bit familiar…  […]

27 July 2010
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Dell ditching Ubuntu machines from online store

In a rather bizarre move Dell have decided to drop Ubuntu-loaded computers from their online store. The move, they say, is down to simplifying their online offerings; “Ubuntu systems are primarily targeted towards advanced users […]

25 July 2010
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Vote now for an awesome new Ubuntu help platform

Spend a minute today to help make the lives of yourself, other Ubuntu users and even the dear developers who toil so hardy over code that little bit easier by voting up a proposal for […]

14 July 2010
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Nexuntu – The OS your Nexus One has been dreaming of

If the Linux-based Android OS running on your Nexus One isn’t nearly as nerdy-enough as your needs dictate then bust out the big boy and install Ubuntu on it. The crazy people over at […]

8 July 2010
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Canonical Talks Ubuntu on ARM

Our lovely friends over at nabbed themselves a great interview with Canonical’s ‘Partner Engineer’ Jerone Young who discusses the challenges and opportunities optimizing Ubuntu for ARM is bringing. It’s a great interview well worth […]

6 July 2010
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[How To] Automatically Install/Fix Missing GPG Keys in Ubuntu

If you’re a heavy user of PPAs then every now and then you will come across missing GPG key errors that will need to be fixed. Fixing missing GPG Key errors in Ubuntu is, actually, […]

5 July 2010