Ubuntu’s Rick Spencer has issued a statement refuting the earlier claims reported by The Register that Ubuntu was to switch to ‘daily releases’.

Posting the statement on his blog, Rick said: –

“Ubuntu is not changing to a rolling release. We are confident that our customers, partners, and the FLOSS ecosystem are well served by our current release cadence.

What the article was probably referring to was the possibility of making it easier for developers to use cutting edge versions of certain software packages on Ubuntu. This is a wide-ranging project that we will continue to pursue through our normal planning processes.”

As Akshat mused in his post on this yesterday; many users find the current ‘PPA’ method for keeping up to date with the latest new releases of software a bit of a chore.  Rick also takes time to acknowledge this: –

“I do like the idea of making it easier for developer and enthusiasts to use daily builds of software that they really care about, and maybe even have them discover this capability through the software center.”

So there we have it: Ubuntu is not about to roll into instability but keeping up with the software Joneses may yet become that little bit easier.

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