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Philippines use Ubuntu-based voting machines in recent election

Yesterdays election in the Philippines was notable for several reasons ” not least of which was the introduction of a new electronic voting system in which Ubuntu has played a vital ” but invisible ” […]

10 May 2010
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Buy music from the UbuntuOne Music store & Help save the Iberian Lynx

Canonical, the financial backers of Ubuntu, are donating 50% of profits made from the sale of music via the UbuntuOne Music Store to the Iberian Lynx conservation organization ‘SOS Lynx’. Only 150 individual Iberian Lynx […]

29 April 2010
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Google Summer of Code: Projects for Rhythmbox, UbuntuOne, Banshee, More

With Google’s annual Summer of Code very nearly upon on us the list of accepted projects that developers will spend the summer getting paid to work on are all but out. With that in mind […]

28 April 2010
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Tyler on Ubuntu: Nautilus

Guest post by Tyler James With the release of Nautilus-Elementary 2.30 I’ve been thinking quite a bit about File Browsers. I did a comparisonof the 4 file browsers I see the most often, (Finder, Nautilus, […]

26 April 2010
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Workspace Window Placement Hack: Choose which apps open in which workspaces!

In response to my post on workspaces, several of you expressed a desire to have applications automatically open to a particular virtual desktop. Well this is not a hack that requires future dreams and hopes, […]

23 April 2010
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5 ways to celebrate Ubuntu 10.04’s release

C’mon ” hands up how many of you would love to jive it up at an Ubuntu release party but sadly don’t know anyone/live near a loco holding one? *puts own hand up* There are […]

23 April 2010
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Help ubuntu: 3 questions on Bluetooth

MPT from Canonical’s design team e-mailed us earlier asking if we could post the following questions regarding Bluetooth in Ubuntu to get your feedback. Given the design team totally surpassed even already-high expectations in creating […]

8 April 2010
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Ubuntu window buttons staying left, but will be switching order

Just a quick heads up ” window controls in Ubuntu 10.04 WILL be staying on the left hand side but the button order will revert to Close, Minimize, Maximize. Mark Shuttleworth issued the final verdict […]

1 April 2010
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Commodore 64 Resurrected, Runs Ubuntu

8-bit 80’s computer king Commodore 64 has been resurrected for a new generation ” albeit with significantly more memory than the 64kB it originally boasted and ” best of all – with Ubuntu as its […]

29 March 2010
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Google Summer of Code: Proposed Ideas for Ubuntu, GNOME, LXDE,

With Google’s annual Summer of Code poking its ahead around the thinning pages of the calendar armies of Open-Source organizations are once again interning themselves at idea meeting round-tables and entering into proposal speculation to […]

21 March 2010
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Why Mark Shuttleworth is right – Ubuntu is not a democracy and nor should it be

Some comments that Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth recently made on a bug report have been flaming up and down the internet faster than a bushfire in the outback. Annoyingly the “popularity” of said comments is […]

19 March 2010
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Poll: Do you want the Ubuntu window controls on the Left Or Right hand side?

In an update to the Lucid Light theme earlier today the Window control buttons once again switched to the left-hand side. Whilst I’m sure developers are still trying to decide I thought I’d gauge all […]

5 March 2010