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Parallax & user-proximity controlled Ubuntu desktop demoed

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Christian Giordano has posted a video mock-up of a motion-aware Ubuntu desktop today. The demo was created following internal discussions on how Ubuntu could make use of user-proximity based data in informing input on the Ubuntu desktop.

“We thought about how Ubuntu could behave if it was more aware of its physical context. Not only detecting the tilt of the device (like iPhone apps) but also analysing the user’s presence.”

The result of those discussions is the following incredible video of the Ubuntu desktop reacting to a users proximity, entering full-screen as he leans back and making use of parallax to ensure optimal viewing angles as the user tilts to the sides.

“With few hours available, I mock up something very quickly in Processing using a face recognition library (computer-vision). Despite it could be hard to detect the horizontal position of the user’s head without a camera, we are in no way defining the technology required. The proximity could be in-facts detected with infra-red or ultra-sound sensor.”

“Quick mock up built to show hypothetical interactions to a desktop environment based on the position of the user in front of the device.”