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The Girl Who Didn’t Want Ubuntu [Video]

Alligators in sewers, lucky escapes from hook-handed serial killers and the unpalatable notion that we all eat 8 spiders a year whilst snoozing: all are Urban myths. Until recently I assumed that the well-known story of a girl from Wisconsin USA, whose inadvertent purchase of a Dell laptop running Ubuntu saw her dropping out of her online college classes, was like all of the example above, a load of hot-air. Turns out it actually happened.

5 August 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Development Update 7

Next week Alpha 3 of Ubuntu 11.10 will be released, so everybody is currently trying to get their latest updates in and everything tidied up for a release.

28 July 2011
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Linux 4 Hope takes old computers, installs Ubuntu, gives them to people in need

Garron Haun wrote in to us yesterday to let us know about a project he founded called Linux 4 Hope which aims at rejuvenating donated computers by installing Ubuntu, and then giving them to people in need around his local community.

23 July 2011
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Ubuntu 10.04.3 Released

The third maintenance update to Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS has been released.

21 July 2011
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Robots for Humanity Powered by Open Source

A new collaborative robotics project is ripping the idea of autonomous assistance for the disabled out from the land of science-fiction and planting it firmly in the real world - and all using the power of Open Source.

20 July 2011
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‘Satchbook’ is a powerful, but pricey, Ubuntu laptop

With a 15.6" screen, a dual-core i5 processor and 8GB of DDR3 RAM German company Rockiger's Satchbook might read like a MacBook Pro, but it comes with Ubuntu preinstalled.

11 July 2011
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LulzSec Used Ubuntu

In the latest (and seemingly final) batch of documents dumped on The Pirate Bay by computer hacker outfit 'LulzSec', a familiar looking operating system can be seen in use.

26 June 2011
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Five Ubuntu-powered Netbooks & Laptops That Don’t Cost The Earth

So you want a new netbook or ultra-portable, but you don't want Windows on it. With Ubuntu being free you're probably wondering why so many devices pre-installed with Ubuntu are expensive. If you look around you'll soon find there are a lot of choices. Here OMG! Ubuntu! picks five reasonably priced Ubuntu-installed laptops and netbooks.

22 June 2011

Ubuntu-Powered Steampunk Laptop Available to Order

Want an Ubuntu-powered laptop that looks like it fell out of the genius mind of Jules Verne? Have a spare $5000 and you can. Each laptop features intricate and attentive detailing, engravings and choice of materials. On the portability side the solid wood and metal encasement might require an additional purchase, such as a piston-powered exoskeleton.

13 June 2011
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The new ‘Celebrate Ubuntu’ YouTube channel

A new official Ubuntu YouTube channel has popped up - but what is it for?

2 June 2011
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Ubuntu running natively on the HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HD owners bored of Android and in need of some breakage may be pleased to hear that Ubuntu can now run natively on the device. Details/waffle inside.

30 May 2011
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Ubuntu Sound Gallery could make finding and installing sound themes easy

Dylan McCall, seemingly frustrated by the lack of refinement in packaging and promoting of sound themes for Ubuntu, has ideas on how finding and installing sound themes in Ubuntu could be made better. He's knocked up a prototype 'Sound theme gallery' where one can preview sound themes without the need to download. Also provided are download links and a quick 'how-to' on installing Sound themes in Ubuntu.

22 May 2011