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Poll: Do you want the Ubuntu window controls on the Left Or Right hand side?

In an update to the Lucid Light theme earlier today the Window control buttons once again switched to the left-hand side. Whilst I’m sure developers are still trying to decide I thought I’d gauge all […]

5 March 2010
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Next Ubuntu Developer Summit to be held in Belgium

Ubuntu community leader Jono Bacon has just announced the location of the next Developer Summit. The location? Brussels, Belgium. The Ubuntu Developer Summit – or UDS as it’s more commonly referred to – is one […]

2 March 2010
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Ubuntu To Make Big Announcement Tomorrow?

Word has reached my ears that tomorrow, 25th February, at around 18:00 UTC, a big announcement concerning the branding of Ubuntu will be made. Edit: The announcement has been postponed thanks to our big mouths, […]

24 February 2010
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Ubuntu to deliver update alerts via Twitter

A new method of alerting Ubuntu users to potentially headache-inducing system updates is being launched – via twitter! Users following @ubuntustatus will be informed of any issues or problems with update packages and advise users […]

19 February 2010

Ubuntu Single Sign On Launched; Looks Very Humanity

Canonical today announced the launched of ‘Ubuntu Single Sign On’ – a service designed to create a one-stop location for logging in and accessing Ubuntu and Ubuntu-related services such as UbuntuOne, The Ubuntu Music Store […]

16 February 2010
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Help The ‘Ubuntu Welcome Tour’ Project

Once upon a time in a distribution not-so far far away a proposal was made: “Lets show new Ubuntu users a tour of their OS on start-up so that they’re orientated from the start.” Ultimately […]

3 February 2010

Yahoo! To Become Default Search Engine In Ubuntu 10.04

Yahoo! is to replace Google as the new default search engine in Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04 ‘Lucid Lynx’, Canonical has announced. Rick Spencer from Canonical posted the announcement on the Ubuntu developer mailing list earlier today.  He […]

26 January 2010
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Get Paid To Use Ubuntu (UK, This Friday only!)

The Canonical design team are looking for volunteers in the London (UK) area to participate in user testing. Testing will take place on Friday 29th January, during the day, and will extend all through the […]

26 January 2010
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UbuntuOne Windows Port In Progress

Ubuntu One, the cloud storage service from Ubuntu, is being ported to Windows at this years PyCon by the Ubuntu One team. Many users have refrained from using the cloud storage solution thus far due […]

23 January 2010
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Awesome ‘Made On Ubuntu’ Badges For Your websites, Projects

Tommy Brunns ‘Made on Ubuntu’ badges are great way to show off the power of Ubuntu when creating something using the worlds best OS – Ubuntu! (He also has some “made on Linux” ones, but […]

22 January 2010
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Ubuntu 8.04.4 Due Today

The fourth “update” to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron is tentatively due for release today. As a “long term support” (LTS) release Hardy Heron is supported for three years on the desktop and for five years […]

21 January 2010
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Ubuntu Showcase Videos are Awesome Adverts

Ubuntu is great isn’t it? Due to the fact it is so great many people like to show it off in various forms – whether it’s compiz-laden demos to mates in the pub (Yep – […]

20 January 2010