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Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

What’s wrong with Unity & how we can fix it

Unity is Ubuntu's innovative new user interface, designed to catapult Ubuntu into the revolution of contextual search, launchers and social integration. The unique design provides an enticing alternative to the likes of Windows and OS X. But could Unity be better?

17 March 2011
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My girlfriend’s desktop [Desktop Tour]

Due to some bad experience with viruses on her Laptop running Windows 7, my girlfriend decided to give Ubuntu another try. She is used to it since that is what I have running on my machine, but she never really liked the themes and the looks.

15 March 2011
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Are you contributing your share?

I don't know about you but when I started using Free Software, I was amazed that I could benefit from all this for free. So after a few months I looked up how I could give something back. That was 13 years ago... and to date I'm still an active Debian Developer. Here's my story, what's your story going to be?

11 March 2011
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Unity Bitesize Bugs Update: 15th Feb 2011

This is the first guest post from Jorge O. Castro, External Developer Relations Liaison, who will be posting Unity updates over the coming weeks Welcome to the Unity bitesize extravaganza. First off, if you're interested in past progress reports I have them on my blog. However the guys decided that it might be "ace" for me to just tell you guys directly, so here we go.

15 February 2011
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PCPro to run on Ubuntu – for one day only

PCPro - a website and magazine purposed primarily around Windows - are to switch operations to Ubuntu for one day.

9 February 2011

GUVCviewer: Finally Webcam Recording Made Easy

For almost two years my primary recording device for YouTube videos has been with not a fancy camcorder, but a webcam. So believe me when I tell you that I've tried a lot of different applications on different operating systems to get the most from my camera, both proprietary and open source. Out of everything I have tried, GUVCviewer packs the best blend of performance and features.

7 February 2011
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Ubuntu Font added to Google Font Directory

The Ubuntu font family has been added to the Google Font Directory, allowing web developers the world over to use the font on their site.

21 December 2010
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Ubuntu, the Lion, the Cloud, and the Behemoth

Which direction are the four major players taking? Is the cloud really the next step? Was porridge the best choice for breakfast this morning? Find out all this and more with Tyler's exciting editorial after the jump.

15 December 2010
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Take a bite out of Unity’s bitesize bugs

Ever wanted to fix some bugs in Unity? Bitesize bugs are small-ish ones that will help you to get started.

9 December 2010
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Ubuntu is ‘not changing to a rolling release’

Ubuntu's Rick Spencer has issued a statement refuting the earlier claims reported by The Register that Ubuntu was to switch to 'daily releases'.

24 November 2010
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Ubuntu to become a rolling release distro?

The register are reporting that Mark Shuttleworth has hinted that the development cycle for Ubuntu releases could become a lot quicker than 6 months...

24 November 2010
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Popular Ubuntu brainstorm ideas to receive official feedback

The top rated topics proposed on Ubuntu Brainstorm are to receive official responses from the Ubuntu project every three months, Canonical’s Matt Zimmerman has announced today. "We continue to look for new and better ways […]

3 November 2010