System76’s popular Starling Netbook line won’t be shipping with Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition anytime soon, with System76 President Carl Richell claiming that the newly-developed Unity interface has too many ‘rough edges’ to provide a responsive snappy user experience.

Taking to the Ubuntu Forums to make announcement Richel is frank regarding his view on Unity’s current usability: –

“… Unity’s rough edges remain apparent. The interface is slow and in many ways confusing to use. Applications launch slowly, the Starling Netbook’s fan runs high for a while then dips, and Mutter crashes.”

System76 has to put its customers and their experience foremost. By sticking with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for another 6 month they are ensuring that all future buyers’ experience with Ubuntu remains a positive one.

As for the future? System76 remain upbeat about Unity with Richell stating: –

“System76 will give Unity another release cycle to reach it’s maximum potential. We have every confidence in the ability of Ubuntu developers to create the world’s finest software.”

Thanks to Jose Troche

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