The Ubuntu font family has been added to the Google Font Directory, allowing web developers the world over to use the font on their site.

The open-source font, designed by Dalton Maag, became the default desktop font in Ubuntu during the 10.10 release. As work and support for more character sets is on-going the current ‘release’ includes only Latin, Cyrillic and Greek support. Future updates ‘will automatically rolled out to everyone using the Google Font API.’ according to Raph Levien of Google.


On OMG! Ubuntu!

OMG! Ubuntu! already makes use of the Ubunu Font Family in various areas but until now you needed to have the font already installed in order to ‘see’ it in use.

With the font now added to the Google Font Directory we will be updating our site over the coming weeks to make use of it.

You can find the web font, along with information on how to use it within your site, at

Image credit: Canonical

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