Ever wanted to fix some bugs in Unity? Bitesize bugs are small-ish ones that will help you to get started.

What are bitesize bugs?

From the Ubuntu Wiki

Bitesize bugs are small bugs tagged by triagers as small and easy-to-fix bugs for Unity. We pick these bugs because they’re a good place to start to get you familiar with the code and how the workflow for working with the DX team works out. See Jorge’s blog post or Jono’s blog post for more information.

The typical workflow

  1. Install Ubuntu 11.04 aka Natty Narwhal
  2. Find the bug you want to work on from the list of bugs.
  3. Read the documentation on Launchpad Merge Proposals, Unity Code Style Guidelines and agree to the Canonical Contributor Agreement.
  4. Your work will be reviewed by someone on the DX team, after they review your code they will instruct you on what to do next.
  5. Keep Rocking

Some bugs to target

  • Bug 683466 – There are 2 Quit menu options in Quicklist
  • Bug 599716 – Having “unity ”replace” would be nice
  • Bug 681428 – Scrolling does not work on the sound menu
  • Bug 686591 – Unity-panel-service should be autorestarted by unity when crashing
  • Bug 677594 – Workspace switcher useless with one workspace
  • Bug 686182 – Unity launchers run multiple copies of program if clicked multiple times before the program loads
  • Bug 599716 – Having an unity binary would be nice
  • Bug 646740 – Indicators are mis-aligned

Massive credits to shanefagan for the title

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