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Sessions planned for Ubuntu Developer Summit – Oneiric

The Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot is starting next week, running from Monday 9th of May to 13th of May. An exciting time in the Ubuntu calender year, UDS is where most of the important decisions are made for the next Ubuntu cycle. If you are an enthusiast or interested in Ubuntu 11.10, you might want to keep track of all the developments.

7 May 2011
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Chrome’s tabs integrated into Ubuntu’s panel? Yes, please!

OMG! Ubuntu! reader Cyrill sent us through a little mockup of what Ubuntu would look like with tabs inside the panel. He says "On my netbook's 10 inch screen, every single pixel is important. And as there is barely no global menu for Chromium (this changed apparently in Natty), i was wondering how it would look if tabs were using that free space."

28 April 2011
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[Video] How to change the size of the Unity launcher in Ubuntu 11.04

Changing the size of the icons in Ubuntu Natty's new launcher is actually pretty easy, but rather than explain it through text, we thought we'd make this short video. Video after the jump.

28 April 2011
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Ubuntu font now available to all in Google Docs

Thanks to some quick work by Canonical Design Team member Paul Sladen, the Ubuntu font is now available for use in Google Docs for everyone regardless of operating system.

27 April 2011

OMG! Ubuntu! Reader Office Setups

Earlier this week I posted a status update on our Facebook page asking for our Facebook fans to take a photo of their office computer setup and the coolest five would be featured here. So, I present the results!

23 April 2011
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Ubuntu homepage updates with a Natty new screenshot

One for the detail-fans amongst us: The Ubuntu homepage has been updated with a new banner showing the new-look Ubuntu 11.04 desktop: Now anyone heading over to to download Ubuntu may decide to bide […]

22 April 2011
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Ubuntu Natty release countdown banners chosen

Every cycle the Ubuntu project calls for people to submit their ideas for release countdown banners - small images that can be embedded in websites that update every day until they reach 0 when Ubuntu is released. This cycle is no different, and the winning three countdown banners were chosen earlier today.

8 April 2011
Placeholder koala image shows ubuntu servers around the world

Information is so much easier to digest - and so much more impressive to look at - when you can see it presented graphically. Like these map of Ubuntu servers in use around the world.

6 April 2011

Banshee 2.0 released; new features, bug fixes and more

Banshee 2.0 has just been released, bringing with it numerous new features such as user interface improvements, album/artist track actions, sound menu and Ubuntu One Music store extensions and more. Those that have been keeping up with the development of Banshee unstable probably won't notice many new features, but if you're upgrading from the last stable version (1.8) it's sure to be a vast improvement.

6 April 2011
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UDS-P, planning Ubuntu 12.04, to be held in Orlando (again)

UDS-O - scheduled to be held in Budapest next month to plan the Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release - hasn't even happened yet, but the location and date for UDS-P has been booked for later this year.

4 April 2011
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‘Ubuntu Pocket Guide’ author releases $0.99 Kindle books

Keir Thomas, author of the hugely successful 'Ubuntu Pocket Guide', has released two new Ubuntu-based books on Amazon's Kindle bookstore.

21 March 2011
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Ubuntu’s CTO reveals DEX: an effort to close the gap with Debian

Matt Zimmerman, Ubuntu's CTO, and Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Leader, worked together to setup the DEX project. It's a new initiative to improve collaboration between Debian and its derivatives, Ubuntu included.

18 March 2011