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GNOME Devs Help User Solve “Barking Laptop” Problem

Is your Ubuntu laptop barking at you? For one user it is, and it is worrying their actual dog. Confused, they turned to GNOME developers for assistance.

27 April 2022

Have You Seen GNOME Desktop’s Hidden Easter Egg?

The GNOME desktop (and by extension Ubuntu) comes with a hidden Easter egg celebrating an open source mascot — and this post shows you how to find it!

16 February 2021

This Person’s Business Card is also a Linux Computer

The business card belongings to systems engineer George Hilliard is extra special but it's also a Linux PC! His Linux business card is novel and unique.

27 December 2019

Coincidence or Subtle Influence? Ubuntu’s Impact on Software Naming Conventions

Could Ubuntu have had an impact on the versioning and naming conventions of other software projects, including Windows, Android and more? Reader Abu A. pinged us earlier today to share this interesting insight he has […]

17 July 2017

Enable a Buckling Spring Keyboard Sound on Ubuntu Linux

If you want to hear a buckling spring keyboard sound for every key you press on your keyboard try BUcklespring, a novel app that's available to install on Linux as a Snap app.

14 June 2017
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“Why Use Linux?” Answered In 3 Short Words

This post is not a typical post. I'm not going to change your life, or teach you a new trick. Instead I'm going to drag you down the rabbit hole…

19 October 2016

How to Go Hands On With the Utopic Unicorn – Literally!

A step-by-step guide to making an origami Unicorn has been posted online by Canonical to celebrate the upcoming release of the same name.

11 September 2014

Ubuntu Button Tweaked to Meet ‘Cultural & Aesthetic’ Expectations

The Ubuntu button in 13.04 has received a last minute change: the background swirl now spins in a clockwise direction.

16 April 2013

A Wine Named Ubuntu (No, Really)

We've seen Ubuntu Cola, Ubuntu car license plates, and even Ubuntu crop circles. But a wine? That's new to me The familiarly-named beverage was produced in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Portuguese wine makers Niepoort as part of celebrations making the then World Cup host nation of South Africa.

12 August 2012
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The Legendary Ubuntu Cola – Now Available From Waitrose

Have you tried an Ubuntu cola? It might sound like an odd question, but if you're British, Swedish, Norwegian, Belgian, Irish or French then there's every possibility you have...

30 August 2011
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Have You Seen ‘Ubuntu’ In Public?

When reader Fabio Bier mailed in a photo of this familiar looking emblem atop a drain/man hole cover (spotted in Seville, Spain, fact fans) it got me thinking: does the 'Ubuntu' logo ever crop up in urban landscapes?

14 August 2011
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LulzSec Used Ubuntu

In the latest (and seemingly final) batch of documents dumped on The Pirate Bay by computer hacker outfit 'LulzSec', a familiar looking operating system can be seen in use.

26 June 2011