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Recipe: Tux shaped cookies

An avid baking fan? Are you the next Nigella Lawson in the kitchen? Why not mix the decadent art of baking with the technical and exciting world of Linux with this Tux recipe.

6 January 2011
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How best to sell a Windows 7 laptop this holiday? show it with an Ubuntu wallpaper of course! [sales fail]

‘The Source’ (formerly known as Radio Shack) appear to  have hit upon a rather unique way of selling their Windows 7 running Toshiba laptops to the public judging by a recent flyer…

23 December 2010
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Create Ubuntu-ized weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops

If you suspect that Santa is bringing you a shiny new copy of FPS game Call of Duty: Black Ops this 'seasonal holiday' then bookmark this page now ready for next week!

15 December 2010
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Nautilus aping Finder a little too well…

Like many of us DeviantArt user DG09 likes to cap, post and upload screenshots of his Ubuntu desktop every month.

10 December 2010
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monocle CoverGloobus theme may just be the most formal app theme. ever.

Pip pip, tally ho and all that. Eyes down on this ravishing example of fine CoverGloobus themery.

3 December 2010
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Jimmy Wales Chrome extension adds Wikipedia appeal banner to every site

This is not a personal appeal from the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales - but it is an extension which inserts one on every website you visit.

22 November 2010
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Which of these is not a web browser?

Most readers landing upon this page wouldn't require a seconds hesitation in answering the question posed above. But for a contestant on India's version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' it required an entire audience vote to pick an answer.

22 October 2010
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Begin your countdown to Natty with this ‘Avenging Narwhal’ play set…

Now that the Maverick Meerkat has bandied on out into the real world it’s time for us here at OMG! towers (and likewise, many of you out there) to begin paying heed to Ubuntu’s next release - Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal.

10 October 2010
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Blender-made film ‘Sintel’ passes a million views on YouTube

Animated short fantasy film Sintel, created entirely in open-source 3D graphics suite Blender, has garnered over 1 million YouTube views, less than a week after its premiere.

5 October 2010
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Auspicious signs for Maverick

A reader by the name of montini stopped by the OMG! Mailbox to point out something rather neat – if, to many, perfunctory. If you’re in a country where the new week starts on a […]

4 October 2010
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Linux Format + Seif Lotfy = Good times

I interrupt normal proceedings to bring you a shameless plug for one of my favourite magazines – Linux Format – and one of my favourite people – Seif Lotfy – both of whom, for this […]

3 October 2010
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Awesome image: Ubuntu Mascots take on OS X Cats

The awesome guys & girls over at cloud-storage service SpiderOak served up this image in a blog post earlier today and it duly caught our attention – for all the right reasons! It depicts a […]

20 September 2010