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tux in fruity loops commercial

Watch Linux Mascot Tux Pop Up In a TV Cereal Commercial [Video]

Reader Dexter S. was watching TV when a commercial for 'Fruit Loops' cereal flashed up on his screen with a rather familiar face in tow...

29 May 2011
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Neo, meet Ubuntu [Video]

The following Windows-mocking sketch by comedy website CollegeHumor has been knocking around for a while but I’ve only just seen it myself. Reimagining ‘The Matrix’ series of movies running on Microsoft Windows, the gags are […]

20 May 2011
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Control playback in Totem movie player by clapping (no, seriously)

It'll feel like the future (albeit that lame, not quite awesome future as depicted in late 1980s hollywood films) but with one plugin you can use 'clapping' to control playback of media in Ubuntu's default media player Totem. "Far out!"

25 April 2011
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Mowing the lawn with Ubuntu

Take one insanely expensive robotic lawn mower, add in an Ubuntu-powered notebook, a webcam and a couple of shell scripts that send images back to a webserver and what do you get? Live Lawn Cam! […]

24 April 2011
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Happy Easter folks! Having consumed my entire body weight in chocolate eggs it wasn't long before the nauseous party-without-a-permit in my stomach affected my brain. Gripped by this cocoa-craziness I found myself asking what anyone feeling overly-sick on sugar-filled products would ask: Why can't multiple fonts be installed easily in Ubuntu? The answer? The punch line? There isn't one.

24 April 2011
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Ubuntu homepage updates with a Natty new screenshot

One for the detail-fans amongst us: The Ubuntu homepage has been updated with a new banner showing the new-look Ubuntu 11.04 desktop: Now anyone heading over to to download Ubuntu may decide to bide […]

22 April 2011
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So I deleted Windows – but why did I have it in the first place?

I deleted my Windows partition yesterday after asking myself one question: what the hell do I use it for?

30 March 2011

HTC make nice phones and use Ubuntu

They make some of the most beautiful handsets on the market and, judging from a recent YouTube promo video, their developers also use use Ubuntu internally.

18 March 2011
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Never miss a birthday again with Birthday-Aware for Ubuntu

Trying to keep tabs on everybody's birthdays is a pain if, like me, your brain tends to shelve dates away in a dusty box rarely to be accessed... Hallelujah then for Birthday-Aware - a small python application that uses Ubuntu's Notification bubbles to remind you of approaching birthdays.

16 March 2011
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Driving across Brazil with Ubuntu: That’ll be The Google Streetview cars

Driving across Brazil with Ubuntu hooked up to a solid 3G connection may sound like my own take on an ace road trip but, according to one former Google Streetview driver it's exactly how the Google Streetview cars travel around Brazil.

1 March 2011

Meet the Cardboard Computer: Sustainability Meets Style

Meet an Ubuntu running cardboard computer with ideals fastened on saving the environment...

17 February 2011
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What does ‘Natty Narwhal’ actually mean? You’ll be surprised…

Two words that form the code name for the new version of Ubuntu - but both are rather unique. Here we take a look at where each word comes from and what it means...

16 February 2011