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Linux ‘top command’ used in Tron trailer…

Trons master control programme uses Linux? Fo real? Read on to see the evidence...

9 September 2010
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Iron Man using KDE?!

I have just gotten around to reading through a pretty large back log of some of my favorite comics, and guess what I spied inside one? Well, just about what the title says.

9 September 2010
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Ambiance theme for… Sony Ericsson phones (!)

Owners of Sony Ericsson handsets (non-android, natch) who want to bring a little Ubuntu style to their mobile experience will -love- the following Ambiance theme designed specifically for that purpose. Make the jump to find out how you can get your sweaty palms all over it.

4 September 2010
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Unity Developer Talks Shop. Simply.

Before I make for the land of slumber tonight let me leave you with a quick read that doubles up as a must read not only for Unity fans but for those with a naturally curious disposition.

15 August 2010
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17 Recommended apps for Linux designers and developers

Freelance web developer John Hamelink has put together a tight little list of apps he recommends for Linux developers and designers. The (as of writing) 17strong list includes many applications we’ve raved about on OMG! […]

2 August 2010
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Ubuntu Stickered: My keyboard finally gets ubuntuized

It didn't take me long to cave in and buy some of the (very cheap) new Ubuntu sticker sets we mentioned a few days ago. Admittedly this was, in part, because I spied that the sheets contained some neat circular Ubuntu logo stickers that seemed to be an appropriate size to cover the Windows key on my keyboard.

1 August 2010
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Nexuntu – The OS your Nexus One has been dreaming of

If the Linux-based Android OS running on your Nexus One isn’t nearly as nerdy-enough as your needs dictate then bust out the big boy and install Ubuntu on it. The crazy people over at […]

8 July 2010
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Ubuntu on TV: The IT Crowd

Some of the more-hip readers amongst you have tweeted my attention towards this little beauty: –You can clearly see an Ubuntu logo on the the back of one of the characters’ monitor from Channel 4’s […]

21 June 2010
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Linux powers 91% of the worlds top supercomputers

With the biannual list of the top 500 supercomputers the world over released, the following screenshot of a graph showing the operating systems used in those 500 peta-flop crunching machines, and produced by the University […]

31 May 2010
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How to recreate the Ubuntu 10.04 wallpaper in Inkscape (Step-by-step)

With a few weeks to kill until the next Beta of Ubuntu 10.04 why not stoke your creatively-sapped juices by re-creating the new Ubuntu 10.04 default wallpaper in Inkscape? Popular Spanish design site have […]

22 March 2010
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Is the UbuntuOne Music Store ready yet?

Keep an eye on this and you’ll be first to know:   Article originally appeared on

19 March 2010
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Apologies, Pandaol & Tetris.

Hello, I know some of you are fearing that the launch of our new IRC channel has been the cause in a slowdown of new posts over the last few days but let me assure you that […]

18 March 2010