Looking to go hands-on with the Utopic Unicorn ahead of its release? Now you can — literally!

A step-by-step guide to making your own paper Unicorn (to celebrate the upcoming release of the same name, obviously) has been posted online by Canonical. The instructions were offered as part of the company’s presence at the 2014 dconstruct event held in Brighton, UK in early September.

ubuntu unicorns
Image: Alejandra Obregon

The one-day conference for creative professionals and digital culture enthusiasts served as an ideal place for Canonical to showcase an in-progress version of the upcoming Ubuntu Phone, its design and the user interaction benefits they believe it offers.

Reaction was positive, they say. That will have made the prize of a brand new Ubuntu phone to the maker of the best origami unicorn all the more tempting!

Download Origami Unicorn

No prizes are on offer to the rest of us attempting to fold our way to frustration, but a download of the how-to is.

If you have a spare five hours minutes, why not make one for fun? If you make particularly epic success/fail of it be sure to send us a pic on Twitter or Google+.

Download ‘Make a Unicorn’ Instructions

PS: Don’t mail me asking for help with it. I can barely fold a letter into an envelope correctly!

Download origami random utopic unicorn