We’ve written about Ubuntu Cola, Ubuntu car license plates, and even Ubuntu crop circles as part of our ‘Ubuntu in the Wild‘ strand.

But a wine? That’s new to me 

The familiarly-named beverage was produced in 2007, 2008 and 2009 by Portuguese wine makers Niepoort as part of celebrations making the then World Cup host nation of South Africa.

Both this wine and the OS are named after the African philosophy of Ubuntu, whose meaning is commonly distilled into the sentence: ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.

‘Wine’ is also the name of a compatibility layer that allows some Windows apps to run on Linux-based distributions like Ubuntu.


My palette can’t deduce one wine from another (they all taste foul and sour to me)so  I won’t be hunting down a bottle of this (increasingly rare) vintage to sip whilst I work.

So, if you’re curious as to whether the taste matches the label,  you’ll have to find a bottle yourself, or rely on the following quote.

…intense red and black fruit aromas with spicy and wet stone notes  …and an excellent acidity providing a long lasting after taste.”

For more information on the  Ubuntu wine head to the  Niepoor Vinhos website @ niepoort-vinhos.com/en/fabulous/Ubuntu.

Thanks to Filipe Dias

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