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"50% of Banshee Users run it full screen" and other interesting* Banshee facts

Banshee 1.5.4 was released last week with some shiny new features and a handful of new functions – including equaliser presets, extra shuffle modes and, notably, an opt-in usage data collector thingy. Gabriel Burt, a […]

3 March 2010
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Ubuntu to deliver update alerts via Twitter

A new method of alerting Ubuntu users to potentially headache-inducing system updates is being launched – via twitter! Users following @ubuntustatus will be informed of any issues or problems with update packages and advise users […]

19 February 2010
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Homosapien Metacity Customizer – Tweak Homosapien Online Then Download It

So we’ve droned on and on and on about the make-it-default-already proposed Lucid Metacity Homosapien. It’s amazing, beautiful stuff. Zac Barton – fast becoming my favourite themer – has now created an online customization tool […]

11 February 2010
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Awesome ‘Made On Ubuntu’ Badges For Your websites, Projects

Tommy Brunns ‘Made on Ubuntu’ badges are great way to show off the power of Ubuntu when creating something using the worlds best OS – Ubuntu! (He also has some “made on Linux” ones, but […]

22 January 2010
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Ubuntu Used In Doctor Who

It seems the Naismith’s work on the Immortality gate in Doctor Who’s 2009/2010 festive finale The End Of Time was done using computers running none-other than our very own awesome OS Ubuntu! Take a closer […]

5 January 2010
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VLC looks so pretty at Xmas…

VLC’s cute easter-egg is once again cracking itself open… Article originally appeared on

22 December 2009
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Random Things To Do In A Terminal: Play Tetris

Have you longed to play Tetris in a terminal session? No, me neither, but you can! Install sudo apt-get install tint Now, to run, just type open the terminal and type “tint”, choose a level […]

13 October 2009