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How to Install Android Apps on Ubuntu using ARChon (Updated)

Google recently announced the first set of Android apps available to run natively on Chrome OS, a feat made possible using a new 'Android Runtime' extension.

19 September 2014

Suru Icon Pack Brings a Touch of Ubuntu Phone to Android

If you're looking to give your Android device an "ooh" makeover, check out the free Suru Android icons pack from Moka.

4 July 2014
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KDE Connect Adds Android File Sending, Touchpad Emulation

A new version of KDE Connect for Android and the Plasma desktop has been released and adds a number of new features, including file sending.

29 June 2014
Ubuntu for Android

Ubuntu for Android Is No Longer In Active Development

A recent bug report filed against the Ubuntu website claims that Ubuntu for Android, first demoed in 2012, is 'no longer in development'.

29 April 2014
Ubuntu Phone on the Bq Aquaris 5

At $200 to $400, Are Ubuntu Phones Priced for Success?

The first pair of Ubuntu phones will be priced at $200 to $400, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, the company developing the mobile OS, has said.

12 March 2014

How To Dual Boot Android and Ubuntu Touch on Nexus Handsets

Trying Ubuntu Touch on your smartphone or tablet was made much easier recently, with the launch of a new dual-boot mode that enables Canonical's mobile OS to be installed alongside Android.

9 January 2014

Ubuntu Touch Can Now Dual-Boot With Android

Canonical have announced a new dual boot mode for using Ubuntu Touch and Android on the same device.

23 December 2013

Ubuntu One Gets New Unofficial, Cross-Platform Mobile App

A new application is aiming to help Ubuntu One users access their files on more platforms – including Ubuntu Touch.

16 December 2013

Ubuntu Touch Styled Lockscreen App for Android

Here's something for the impatient but excited Ubuntu Touch fans amongst you: an Ubuntu Touch lock-screen for Android.

11 August 2013

Improved Look, ‘Unread Only’ Feature Added to OMG! Ubuntu! for Android

A native Android sidebar and several reader-requested features are available in the latest update to our Android application.

7 July 2013

Humble Bundle With Android 6 Launches, Brings Fractal To Linux

The Humble Bundle with Android 6 has launched, bringing with it a selection of games for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The drill, as always, remains the same: the Humble folks have some games and you […]

18 June 2013

Sliding Menu, Larger Thumbnails & More Added to OMG! Ubuntu! Android App

We updated our Android application yesterday with a few fixes and new features that some of you have been requesting.

23 April 2013