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‘Angry birds’ may be coming to Ubuntu

Ubuntu has had an 'App store' capable of supporting paid applications for a good few months now: will we see some of the more popular cross-platform games and apps heading our way? It seems so.

6 January 2011

Meet the SmartBook: Tablet, netbook, MID and more in one.

Always Innovating's new Smart Book device is so much of everything that's it's almost hard to describe. Specs, video and order information are all inside. Prepare to "wow" a little...

3 January 2011
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Android Desktop Notifier: How it could be that little bit more awesome

Being a forgetful so-and-so I find Android Desktop Notifier to be an invaluable app. I do think it could be a little bit better though, and here's how.

3 January 2011
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Faenza icons for Android Desktop notifier

The useful ‘Android Notifier’ application, which displays alerts and notifications from your Android device on your Ubuntu desktop, is a firm favourite with Android-using Ubuntu fans. Now the app has received some Faenza-love icons courtesy of reader Matt.

16 December 2010
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How to maximize battery life on your Android smartphone

One of the criticisms Android has received plenty of flak for is its comparatively low battery life compared with other smartphones. Google blames it on third party applications, but I've found many other ways to improve your battery life without having to uninstall everything.

6 December 2010
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Tomdroid on your Android phone syncs Tomboy notes through Ubuntu One

If you're one of the many people who use Tomboy notes to keep your life organized and under control, and you also have an Android phone to boot, you may enjoy Tomdroid - a free app available in the Android Market which syncs and displays your notes on your phone using Ubuntu One or Tomboy's Web Sync service.

26 November 2010
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How-to Install Ubuntu on the Samsung Vibrant

Over the last few months we've seen plucky hackers porting Ubuntu to run on a slew of various devices - from iPod Touch to the Google Nexus One. Add the Samsung 'Vibrant' Android phone to this ever-burgeoning list thanks to jzero88 on the xda-developers forum, who has posted an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for owners wishing to add some 'buntu love to their device.

4 November 2010
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elementary-style icons for Android Desktop Notifier

Back in September we featured the extremely useful ‘Android Notifier’ application which displays alerts and notifications from your Android device on your Ubuntu desktop – making it a perfect addition to anyone with a penchant […]

11 October 2010
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New Ubuntu font meets Android, looks stunning

OMG! Reader Nicholas Ipsen dropped by our inbox earlier today to show us some sweet Ubuntu font action in Android. As you might expect, the new font that Canonical contracted type foundry Dalton Maag to design looks brilliant on Google's mobile operating system. More screenshots after the jump.

5 October 2010
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Ubuntu One music streaming app for Android enters beta

A new mobile music streaming Android app from Ubuntu One has entered public beta testing. The app allows you to listen to music stored/synchronized in your Ubuntu One account ‘in the cloud’ directly on your […]

1 October 2010
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Receive Android call, text alerts on your Ubuntu Desktop

Save yourself the embarrassment of missing an important text or phone call when sat gazing at your Ubuntu desktop with the neato 'Android Notifer' application.

10 September 2010

Ubuntu One Contact sync gets better Android device support

Errata: This an updated version of our previous post on the Android Application which wasn’t entirely clear about what was on offer. The Android application for Contact Sync is free – and always will be […]

31 August 2010