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Introducing the Best Way to Read OMG! Ubuntu! on the Go

Being Linux users, we're fans of choice. And one of the choices that we think our readers deserve is a way to read our posts whilst on the move...

19 February 2013

[How To] Theme Android To Look Like the Ubuntu Phone

Who ever decreed that 'patience is a virtue' clearly underestimated the power of 'want' when faced with an Ubuntu Phone.

11 February 2013

New Options Added to ‘Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper’ for Android

Minor customisation options have been added to Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper - an Android app that apes the look of the Ubuntu mobile lock screen.

27 January 2013

Add Some Ubuntu Phone Style to Android With This Live Wallpaper

Although it will be a month or so before we can get our hands on an image of the Ubuntu Phone, Android developers have already been making apps using design elements from it...

21 January 2013

Splice: Sudoku in a Petri Dish

If you're not too germophobic or if you like playing God, at the microcosmic level, then you’ll enjoy this microbial puzzle-game. Indie game developer Cipher Prime Studios, bring players into the world of the microscopic. Splice requires players to pull-apart and reconstruct increasingly complex strands of microbes.

15 November 2012
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Search ‘Google Play’ from the Unity Dash

A new lens for Ubuntu 12.04 lets you search through Google Play catalog of apps, books and movies straight from Unity Dash.

12 November 2012
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‘Ubuntu For Android’ Demoed on Video at FISL

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I never tire of seeing Ubuntu for Android in action. Lucky for me then that a new video of this very thing has surfaced online.

2 August 2012

Android SDK Installer for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

I’m fan of automation, as well as simplicity and as much as I tend to complicate my own life I generally enjoy making life easier for others.

30 July 2012
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ZaReason Android 4.0 Tablet ‘ZaTab’ Shipping Soon

They're best known for making Ubuntu laptops and PCs but ZaReason are about to dip their toes into fresh waters with the launch of a tablet. But, unlike the rest of their hardware line up, the 'ZaTab' doesn't come with Ubuntu but the tried-and-tested tablet Android 4.0 operating system.

18 May 2012
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GUI CyanogenMod Compiler Tool for Ubuntu

A lot of avid Android tinkerers use Ubuntu, and if you're one of them you may have spent time compiling the popular firmware replacement CyanogenMod from source. If so then the following tool may be of interest...

7 May 2012
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GoLauncher Ex Ubuntu Theme [Android]

Short of having an actual Ubuntu smartphone OS (although that is in the works) many of us like to theme our Android phones with the same icon sets and wallpapers we use in Ubuntu. But […]

2 May 2012
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Ubuntu One Android App Adds Instagram, Power Saving Features

The Ubuntu One Files Android application has been updated with a handful of new options. Seamless sharing of uploaded files through GMail, Twitter, Facebook and other popular social apps has been added, as has the ability to cancel file uploading and downloading. But the headline 'feature' of this release is support for 'Auto-uploading' photos taken with Instagram - the insanely popular photo sharing social network.

24 April 2012