Dual-boot Delight

Trying Ubuntu Touch on your smartphone or tablet was made much easier recently with the launch of a new dual-boot mode, enabling Canonical’s mobile OS to be installed alongside Android.

Despite warning that it was merely a ‘developer preview’ and not encouraged for use by users, many readers who tried to install it on their Nexus devices using the instructions provided by Ubuntu developers were left a little stumped.

Not wanting to see such an accessible window into Ubuntu Touch lose support, reader Manish Shetty has put together a thorough video tutorial.

Clocking in at over 11mins, the clip walks through the entire dual-boot installation process on supported Nexus devices (including, he says, the Nexus 5).

His method does differ in places from the ‘recommended’ install method, and those unsure of what they’re doing remain advised to give it a miss.

But, if you know your way around adb and the command line, and want to give this dual-boot malarky a whirl, go grab your Nexus, a coffee and hit play on the video below.

How To Ubuntu Phone Video Android dualboot ubuntu touch