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Meet Ubuntu for Android: The Next Step in Ubuntu’s Multi-Device Plan

Meet 'Ubuntu for Android' - a side-by-side pairing of the Android and Ubuntu OSes on a single phone, the latest part of Canonical's 'multi-device' future for Ubuntu.

21 February 2012

UbuntuOne Files Lands in Vodafone AppSelect Store

Vodafone have chosen to stock the Ubuntu One Files app in their custom Android app store "Vodafone AppSelect". The app store, which comes pre-loaded on Vodafone-branded Android mobiles across Europe, provides a range of applications that have gone through Vodafone's thorough app approval process.

20 February 2012
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OMG! Ubuntu! Android App Broken

If you're one of the 14,000 or so marvellous mobile folks who use our Android app then you might be wondering where the hell we've gone. For almost a week now our dedicated Android app has not been loading new articles. Whilst we're figuring out of the cause of the issue (rather aptly it broke on SOPA strike day) we've pulled the app from the Android Market.

22 January 2012
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Updates Arrive for Ubuntu One Android App

Recent updates to the Ubuntu One Files application for Android have added some welcome features. You can now sign up for an Ubuntu One account within the application itself. Prior to this one had to use the Ubuntu One website.

16 January 2012

[How to] Connect your Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone to Ubuntu for File Access

The Galaxy Nexus - such a great phone, and one that wows anyone who uses it. But there is one area in which the phone falls short: getting it hooked up to my Ubuntu laptop. Read on for a quick guide on accessing your Nexus S files from Ubuntu.

11 December 2011
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[How To] Use Android’s New ‘Roboto’ Font in Ubuntu

Android Ice-Cream Sandwich is the talk of the tech-press today – and rightly so. The next iteration of Google’s Android operating system boasts not only some wonderful new features, but ships with a renewed emphasis […]

19 October 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Countdown Widget for Android

How many days are left until the release of Ubuntu 11.10? If that's a question you cannot live without knowing the answer to (or if you just want to ramp up some excitement ahead of the release) the following 'Ubuntu Countdown' widget for Android devices serves that niche admirably: it counts down the days remaining until the next Ubuntu release.

2 September 2011
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We’ve open sourced our Android app – Java developers, come and play!

Just a quick notification to let everyone know that we've open sourced our OMG! Ubuntu! android application. All you budding Java coders can head on over to Launchpad and play around with the code.

22 August 2011
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Samsung Remove Ubuntu Logo From Galaxy Ad [Updated with video]

Seeing the Ubuntu logo sailing alongside hundreds of Android App icons in a TV spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II was a strange, but not unwarranted, sight to begin with. But Uncle Sammy appear to have had a change of heart; a 'new' version of the same advert is running in India with one small difference: no more Ubuntu logo.

8 August 2011
Ubuntu logo in Samsung Galaxy s II advert

Ubuntu Logo Appears in Samsung Galaxy S II Ad

The Ubuntu logo can be clearly seen on screen in the latest promotional spot for Samsung's Galaxy S II Android phone.

3 July 2011
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Linux music app ‘DeaDBeeF’ comes to Android – but is it any good?

Popular lightweight music player 'DeaDBeeF' recently launched an Android version. Is it much cop? I find out...

8 June 2011
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Ubuntu-ize your Android phone with this slick Ubuntu Unity theme pack

Self-described 'ubuntu YouYube and Android fanatic' Joe Steiger has finally published his long-in-development Ubuntu Unity themed Android skin.

24 May 2011