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Introducing the OMG! Ubuntu! Android app

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Android app is here! Now you can get the latest Ubuntu news, tips, interviews, how-tos and more from your favourite Ubuntu site wherever you are on your Android phone.

1 May 2011
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‘Ubuntu One Music’ Android app adds new features, support

The Ubuntu One Music application for Android has been updated with album art display, playlist editing/creation and support for the playback of .ogg and non-DRM iTunes tracks.

20 April 2011
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Android Honeycomb wallpaper pack

Some wallpapers from Android Honeycomb. Many of which look lovely on Ubuntu.

24 February 2011
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Ubuntu Pocket Reference app for Android

Being an avid user of Android I'm always on the hunt for Ubuntu related apps on the Market place. A few days ago I came across 'Ubuntu pocket reference' - a free application for Android that claims to list 'the most popular and most useful Ubuntu/Linux commands.'

21 February 2011
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Android apps to run on non-android devices with ‘Alien Dalvik’

Switching from your smartphone to your laptop to your netbook and back again can often seem disjointing: apps for one aren't available or suitable for the other, etc.. But that could be all about to change...

8 February 2011
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Ubuntu Countdown Widget for Android released [Updated]

Countdown widget for Ubuntu take #2 as the gorgeous Ubuntu countdown widget for Android we previewed last week is now made available for download on the Android Market.

27 January 2011
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Scrambble icon pack demands an Ubuntu port

The latest Android-bound icon set from designer Nicklas Hirsch has caught a lot of attention recently – but not only from Android users.

25 January 2011
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RemoteDroid lets you control your desktop using your phone

This week I've been on the hunt for a simple Android app that will let me pause and play videos running on my Ubuntu desktop from the other side of the room. Despite not being exactly what I was looking for RemoteDroid, a small app that turns your Android phone into a wireless keyboard and trackpad, proved to be the easiest to set up and to use.

19 January 2011
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Coming soon is this ‘Natty coming soon’ for Android

The posting of one users Narwhal-shaped Ubuntu 11.04 countdown widget for Android led to something rarely seen in the comments section here at OMG!: readers in a uniform opinion. Readers worked up by the lack of elegance in that Narwhal widget design may be sated by this infinitely more elegant one....

13 January 2011
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How to quickly get your Android phone to show in Banshee, Rhythmbox

My favourite music player, Banshee, didn't recognize my Android phone 'out of the box', despite other Ubuntu apps such as Shotwell and Nautilus, doing so. If you're in the same position you'll want to try this crazy-simple solution that pals Banshee and your handset up in no-time.

12 January 2011
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Gentouch tablet dual boots Android and Ubuntu for $369

If I said consumers were likely to over-dose on tablets this year it might sound tasteless. But with this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) literally shoving them down users throats every-which-way, 2011 could be the […]

12 January 2011
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Ubuntu 11.04 Countdown widget for Android

Okay, we all know that Natty isn't going t opop out preamturely but for those of us willing to keep one eye on the prize the following Android homescreen widget is sure to be a must-have.

9 January 2011