KDE Connect can now share files between desktop and mobile
KDE Connect can now share files between desktop and mobile

A new version of KDE Connect for Android that adds a number of new features has been released.

KDE Connect for Android and the Plasma desktop now allow the touchscreen of a connected device to be used as a touchpad for your computer.

This additional wireless input device will act just like a basic mouse, though doesn’t (yet) support multitouch features like two finger scrolling or right-clicking.

Android’s share intent now supports KDE Connect, allowing you to send files from Android to your desktop and vice versa using a menu entry in the Dolphin file manager or by pushing files using a new command line option.

Similar features for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite and Android ‘L’  and Chrome OS are planned to debut this fall.

The updated version also fixes a number of bugs and includes numerous improvements, including support for FreeBSD systems.

Full Feature List:

  • Share files to/from Android and KDE
  • Touchpad emulation
  • Receive notifications from Android 4.3+ on desktop
  • Shared clipboard supports copy and paste between phone and PC
  • Multimedia remote control for select desktop media players (MPRIS)
  • Battery status
  • Wi-Fi connection sharing
  • RSA Encryption

Download KDE Connect 0.7

The KDE Connect Android application is free to download from the Google Play and F-Droid stores.

Download KDE Connect from Google Play

To make use of the newest features you will also need to install the latest version of KDE Connect (version 0.7) for Plasma. As of writing this is not yet available as a .deb installer or through a PPA. It can, however, be installed from source on Kubuntu 14.04 LTS and above by following the instructions provided here.

Download KDE Connect 0.7 Source

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