GNOME Notification Shade in 3.16
Fancy seeing your Android alerts here? You can.

You’ll shortly be able to view your Android notifications on the GNOME desktop thanks to a new application in development.

The new project is called ‘Nuntius’ and lets notifications received on an Android phone appear on the GNOME desktop. It’s with GNOME 3.16 and its (wonderfully) redesigned notification system that the app and its features will be used by more.

The app, which developers are hoping will be ready in time for this month’s release of GNOME 3.16, will work over Bluetooth to ensure that nothing is passed to external servers or stored online. This does mean that your phone will need to be in a certain proximity to your GNOME desktop for the feature to work.

It also isn’t yet possible to reply to a text message or act on a news alert.

The development team do caution that this is an early release and those planning on diving in to use it should expect minimum functionality for now.

The mobile app required to see Android notifications in GNOME’s new notification shade is already available from the Google Play Store and the GNOME application is already available in the Fedora repos.

The developers have open-sourced both the Android app and the GNOME application receiver and hosted them (where else) on GitHub.

A similar tool has been available for KDE desktops – ‘KDE Connect’ – for a year or two, while the ever-gaining Pushbullet offers similar features on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops for iOS and Android platforms using Google Chrome.

Nuntius for Android & GNOME on GitHub

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