OMG! Ubuntu! reader Cyril sent us through a little mockup of what Ubuntu would look like with tabs inside the panel.

He says:

“On my netbook’s 10 inch screen, every single pixel is important. And as there is barely no global menu for Chromium (this changed apparently in Natty), i was wondering how it would look if tabs were using that free space.”

I have to agree with him. The tabs do look pretty nifty in the panel and vertical screen space on my Dell Mini 9 is a rare and precious commodity. I find myself endlessly punching “Fn + Alt + F11″ to switch back and forth between fullscreen browsing mode while surfing the net’ on the tiny 8.9” screen.

And apparently Cyrill isn’t the only one who has had this idea – over in the the Ubuntu Forums kenpuu asks if there is any way to put Chrom(ium)’s tabs in the panel, and on Reddit, edjca again asks “What if Chrome’s tabs integrated like the Unity bar?”

Certainly this idea isn’t completely out of the realm of feasibility – Chromium developers have usually been pretty good at working on integration for their browser in Ubuntu.

What do you folks think?

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