A new official Ubuntu YouTube channel has popped up stuffed with short promotional videos.

Called ‘Celebrate Ubuntu’, the channel was set up by Canonicals’ Iain Farrell as a result of  discussions held at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in May. Those discussions centred around the idea of creating a ‘community toolkit’ that, as Iain explains on his blog, ‘…would allow anyone excited enough to show off and celebrate their use and love of Ubuntu.’

Many of the videos already uploaded to the channel have been knocking around for a bit, but it’s great to have them in one easy to find place.

And on YouTube. ;)

One currently uploaded pick that caught my own interest was the following short video on the Ubuntu Font Family. The video was filmed at the “Shape my language” font exhibition, previously held at the London Design Museum earlier this year.

Get your video featured

The wonderful community-driven aspect of the channel is that you can get your video featured on there.

In what I’m dubbing ‘Ad Idol’, users can create a video based on their favourite feature in Ubuntu, submit it for consideration where  it will be judged by the lead of Canonical’s Brand team Marcus Haslam.

The very best of the videos will be posted on the ‘Celebrate Ubuntu’ YouTube channel.

Some ‘How to’ session on getting to grips with screencasting in Ubuntu, along with video editing with OpenShot and PiTiVi have been mooted on the UDS discussion document. As soon as where hear some date on those we’ll be letting you know.

‘Celebrate Ubuntu’ | youtube.com/celebrateubuntu

Monfort F. via Tip Time!

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