Want an Ubuntu-powered laptop that looks like it fell out of the genius mind of Jules Verne? Have a spare $5000 and you can.


Fans of Richard “Datamancer” Nagy’s steampunk laptop will soon be able to stump up some cash for their own custom case, according to SyFy’s dvice website.

Each laptop features intricate and attentive detailing, engravings and choice of materials. On the portability side the solid wood and metal encasement might require an additional purchase, such as a piston-powered exoskeleton.

Nagy has yet to clarify if the for-order versions will ship with Ubuntu pre-installed. His ‘prototype’ build, pictured above and beneath, most certainly did.


At $5000 a pop Nagy’s mechanistic marvels are not going to become an overnight impulse buy, but they will catch the eye – whether it it bionic, glass or another Victorian material – of Steampunk fans the world over.

Although it’s hard to imagine Ubuntu’s Unity interface blending well with the Verne-ian trappings of the exterior…

Andrew W, via | dvice.com

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